WNY Family Magazine September 2018 - Page 45

should be educated in the school he would have attended if he wasn’t disabled. Step 5 – Annual Review/Reevaluation The Committee must review the IEP at least once a year (an- nual review) to see if the goals are being met and progress is being made. An IEP for the coming school year will also be developed. If you would like to discuss your child’s program before or after the annual review, you can request a meeting at any time by written letter to your CPSE/CSE chairperson. The child must be formally reevaluated at least every three years. Again, the district needs your written consent to conduct the evaluations. A reevaluation can happen sooner if you and the district agree that it’s necessary. There are many resources in the area that can provide sup- port to parents as they navigate the special education system. By joining an area support group, you will quickly learn that there are many other parents out there who have children with special needs. Parent Network of WNY can link you to information and sup- port. Help is just a phone call away by contacting a 1-on-1 Support Specialist at (716) 332-4175. Or, you can send an email to info@ parentnetworkwny.org. For a list of free workshops for parents and families, visit www.parentnetworkwny.org/learningevents. This article was prepared in cooperation with the Public Re- lations Committee of the Developmental Disabilities Alliance of WNY (DDAWNY). September 2018 WNY Family 45