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— by Kirsten Hawkes PARENT PREVIEWS – Making Media Entertainment An Easier Choice For Families AVENGERS: Infinity War PG-13 OVERALL RATING: C+ VIOLENCE: (D+) Characters hit, punch, throw, stab, impale and strangle other characters. Characters blow up others. Vehicles, trees, and rocks are thrown and rolled on to characters. Three characters are tortured – one by her own father. A father kills his child to further his ambitions. A character tries to kill his girlfriend at her request after she has been captured. A spaceship filled with refugees, including women and children, is destroyed. A planet is invaded and half of the civilian population is slaughtered. SEXUAL CONTENT: (A­) Male and female characters kiss. LANGUAGE: (C-) Frequent use of scatological slang, crude language, names of deity, and mild and moderate profanities. A partial sexual expletive is heard and finger gesture is seen. Christian deity used in a derisive, but not profane, context. ALCOHOL / DRUG USE: (A)­­ No alcohol or drug use was noted. DISNEY/MARVEL Released on DVD: April 27, 2018 For additional information on this film’s content, visit www.parentpreviews.com E very good superhero movie needs a very, very bad villain and Avengers: Infinity War has one. Thanos, intergalactic megalomaniac and past ruler of the dead moon Titan, fits the bill. Obsessed with the dangers of over- population and environmental degradation, Thanos decides to eliminate half the popula- tion of every planet. “This universe is finite,” says the giant purple bad guy.“Its resources are finite. It needs correction.” Thanos initially tries to “correct” over- population through conquest and slaughter but decides he needs a more efficient form of genocide. This leads him on a quest for the six Infinity Stones, elemental gems formed as the universe was created in the Big Bang. If he can place all six stones in his gauntlet, he will be able to control the cosmos with a snap of his fingers and instantly kill anyone he wishes. Of course, Thanos won’t have a trou- ble-free path to his goal. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy stand in his way, determined to protect the four stones Thanos does not already possess. However, they face some daunting challenges in their self- appointed mission. Some of the Avengers are still estranged after the events of Captain America: Civil War. And the superheroes are hopelessly outgunned in this fight. They can barely hold their own against Thanos’ minions and when he obtains more Infinity Stones their ability to resist him is strained to the breaking point. When the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy unite against Thanos, they pro- vide positive messages about overcoming past conflicts, working together, sacrificing for others, and fighting bravely in a hopeless cause. The movie also provides a warning against the dangers of uncontrolled anger. At one point, a group of superheroes have man- aged to neutralize Thanos and have almost succeeded in removing his magic gauntlet. Then one character loses his temper, which rouses Thanos to defend himself and renew his attack on the Avengers and Guardians. Positive messages aside, the most seri- ous downside of Avengers: Infinity War is its unrelenting violence. Action is a staple feature of superhero movies, yet Avengers: Infinity War is made up almost entirely of violent set pieces separated by thin strands of plot and exposition. While fans of this genre expect a certain number of fights, ex- plosions, and some fantasy action, Avengers: Infinity War, ups the ante with mass civilian casualties and three scenes of torture. In ad- dition, a parent murders his own child. Fami- lies should also be aware that over a dozen main characters are killed in this movie. The only mitigating factor in this non- stop bloodshed is that its cost is not mini- mized or downplayed. The suffering of those who lose loved ones is portrayed as is the emotional price Thanos pays for his choices. “Did you do it?” asks a character of Thanos after he obtains one of the infinity stones, “What did it cost?” “Everything,” Thanos desolately replies. Despite this bit of emotional honesty, the violence is so per- vasive in Avengers: Infinity War that it is not suitable for young children. The PG-13 rating is fully deserved and should be taken seriously. Teenagers will likely enjoy the movie, as will fans of the series. For those who are not plugged into the Marvel Comic universe, this two hour and forty minute marathon may just feel infinitely tedious. TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE WITH YOUR FAMILY… Concern over overpopulation drives the villain of this movie. How do you feel about growing populations? Do you think over population is inextricably linked to environ- mental degradation? Should governments have the right to forcibly reduce the number of their citizens? What other approaches or technologies might mitigate the effects of population growth? VIDEO ALTERNATIVES... The Marvel superheroes have also assembled in the movies: The Aveng- ers (2012),  Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and Captain America: Civil War (2016). A desire to control overpopulation also drives the plot of Inferno. OFFICIAL SITE: http://marvel.com/avengers September 2018 WNY Family 37