WNY Family Magazine October 2018 - Page 52

Learn USFA - Certified Coach Equipment Provided to Fence Classes Kids, Teens, Adults FENCING FOR BEGINNERS FALL 2018 (ages 10+) starts: SAT 10/13 (ages 7-9) starts: SAT 10/20 Fencing Center of Buffalo New ! 485 Cayuga Road L oca ti on Cheektowaga ~ Air Conditioned ~ See our website for a full class listing CALL 553-3448 www.fencingbuffalo.com The Importance of Keeping Records W here did I put that paper? I thought it was around here somewhere! If you have children with spe- cial educational needs, you can become over- whelmed by the paperwork in no time at all. Having the right paper at your fingertips can lead to a successful education plan. Here are some tips for organization and recommendations for which papers or documents to keep. Which Documents Are Keepers? 1) Individualized Educational Programs (IEP’s) and other official service plans. In addition to IEP’s, you may have Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP). These are service plans that govern early intervention programs for kids before they’re old enough to receive special education services, or plans that are written by agencies other than the local school system. 2) Evaluations by the school system and by independent evaluators. These will include educational, psychological and/ or neuropsychological, speech and language, occupational ther- apy, and physical therapy evaluations. 3) Medical records. Keep only those that relate to the dis- ability or disabilities that affect his ability to learn or to access school programs and facilities. 4) Progress reports and report cards. These are the for- mal documents where the school system periodically describes how your child is doing. 5) Standardized test results. School systems often ad- minister standardized tests (such as the California Achievement Tests) to all students. 6) Notes on your child’s behavior or progress. These will include notes from you to the teacher, from the teacher to you, or journal entries between you and your child’s service providers. 7) Correspondence. Save any communication between you and teachers, special education administrators, TEAM chairpersons, and evaluators. Don’t forget emails! Also save correspondence from the school system that’s addressed to you 52 WNY Family October 2018