WNY Family Magazine October 2018 - Page 40

 40  Parenting Resources  Parenting Resources  Parenting Resources  a neutral professional helps you make practical, informed decisions to resolve your differences. It is used frequently and successfully by separating and di- vorcing couples who want to plan their futures rationally, in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. With the guidance of a trained mediator, you work together through a series of or- derly steps to create a fair and reason- able agreement. Visit their web site to find accredited mediators in your area, or call 516-227-2595. DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE n Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Toll-Free Bilingual HELPLINE for Parents of Kids Using Drugs or Drinking: 1-855-DRUGFREE or 1-855-378-4373 (speak to a Parent Specialist, Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm EST) www.drugfree.org. A 2015 national study determined 1 in 20 adolescents and 1 in 6 young adults were classified to be in need of sub- stance abuse treatment. Prescription medicines are now the most commonly abused drugs among 12 to 13 year olds. More Americans die from drug overdoses than in car crashes, and this increasing trend is driven by prescrip- tion painkillers. In 2015, 16% of 8th graders, 31% of 10th graders, and 45% of 12th graders reported having used marijuana at least once. This national helpline helps parents take effective action before their chi ld’s drug use or drinking reaches a point where treatment is required. Research has shown that substance abuse prob- lems can be reduced by intervening early. Encouraging parents to take im- mediate action is therefore a main goal of the helpline’s team of parent support specialists who offer expert advice to help parents plan a course of action and can supply a list of local resources or treatment facilities. Their website is an excellent one-stop resource where you can educate yourself about specific drugs, teen behavior, and ways to talk to your kids to prevent abuse from ever happening in the first place. n UNDERAGE DRINKING TIPLINE 1-800-851-1932 Erie County Sheriff’s Office anonymous, confidential, and free hotline. Con- cerned adults, teachers, students and friends now have a number to call 24 hours a day, to report planned under- age drinking parties; underage drinking parties taking place or other activities that may be harmful to the health, safety and welfare of young people. FOOD ALLERGIC FAMILIES n Greater Buffalo Food Allergy Alliance www.gbfoodallergy.org The mission of this local support group is to share information, tips, and experi- ences to ease the challenges of living with food allergies, as well as raise the awareness in the community; meets the 3rd Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November, 7pm- 9pm, at the Cleveland Hill Fire Hall, 440 Cleveland Drive (near Harlem Rd), Cheektowaga. You can also find them on Facebook. KINSHIP CAREGIVERS Among the many changes in society today is the growing incidence of grand- parents raising their grandchildren, or other relatives or family friends taking on the primary role or raising a child in the absence of biological parents. Check with your church, your town’s senior services center, or your county’s mental health association for currently active support groups or counseling services. Here are several area re- sources: n Catholic Charities of Buffalo Kinship Preventive Services 1325 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14209 Contact: Emily Mehltretter 716- 854-3622 A specialized unit serving families in- volved with the Child Welfare system with kinship placements, that is, chil- dren being cared for by a relative in Erie County. n Family Services of Erie County 330 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY 14202 716-842-2750 www.childfamilybny.org Among their many services is a Rela- tives as Caregivers Coffee & Chat Hour. n Gateway-Longview, Inc. KinCARES Family Support Program 10 Symphony Circle Buffalo, NY 14201 716-270-3104 www.gateway-longview.org The Kinship case manager assists the kinship caregiver and youth by provid- ing in-home support and advocacy, education and resources. n KFACT: Kinship Families and Chil- dren Together Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth 975 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY 14216 716-346-6849 KFACT will provide preventive services to bolster kinship family function- ing, prevent placement, or achieve a quicker, successful permanency for those in formal care. n Relatives as Parents/Providers Grandparent Support Group Mental Health Association 36 Pine St. Lockport, NY 14094 Contact: Cheryl Blacklock 716-433-3780 The association provides a variety of services including legal advocacy, sup- port groups, educational services and information and referral. n Non-Parent Caregivers: NY State & Erie County Department of Social Services Programs Non-parent caregivers — grandparents, other relatives, friends — who are car- ing for children without a parent living in their home, may be eligible for Tempo- rary Assistance. Temporary Assistance for children not living with a parent is often referred to as “non-parent caregiver” or “child-only” grants, and includes Medical Assis- tance (MA). If the non-parent caregiver wants assistance only for the children,