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— by Rod Gustafson PARENT PREVIEWS – Making Media Entertainment An Easier Choice For Families Solo: A Star Wars Story PG-13 OVERALL RATING: B DISNEY/BUENA VISTA Released on DVD: September 25, 2018 VIOLENCE: (C-) Much of the run time of this movie portrays action violence using fantastical (for example, ray guns or “blasters”) and real (knives) weapons. We see characters shot, slashed, and stabbed, however the details and blood effects are minimal. A sequence depicts a battle in a traditional Earth-like war environment, with soldiers on a muddy battleground where some are shot, and momentarily shown, dead on the ground. A man is locked in an underground prison where he is expected to be consumed by a “beast” (he isn’t). A character dies from a baster-shot. A man is seen with a bloody knife, and we are told he has just killed a government official – we see a body on the floor. Slaves are killed while working. A droid character is shot and killed. Another background droid is suddenly run over and killed. It is implied a woman is being held captive by a man. A fight ensues and a character is killed. SEXUAL CONTENT: (B­) A male human is in love with a female robot (which vaguely resembles a humanoid); when a character asks, with a sexual subtext, “How does that work,” he replies “It works.” A brief scene shows a man and woman in a bedroom, she appears wearing a robe and he makes a comment and gesture suggesting they have sex (which doesn’t happen). Characters kiss. LANGUAGE: (B+) About a half-dozen mild profanities and a partial scatological term are heard. ALCOHOL / DRUG USE: (B+)­­ Characters drink an unknown substance in a bar. Some other social drinking is briefly depicted. N ow that the Disney conveyor belt is warmed up and accelerating at light speed, we can expect to see Star Wars join its Marvel cousins as the Mouse House multiplies and replenishes cinemas with a galaxy full of origin tales and subsequent adventures. more than back in the Harrison Ford era. Likewise some veiled sexual banter is included. As expected, Solo: A Star Wars Story visits most of the dangling backstory threads presented in the first trio of movies. While that may satisfy our desires to know more about the guy who flew his ship and “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs”, it also leaves few surprises in the character’s development. Unlike Rouge One, which built on a plot point (obtaining the plans to a secret star base), in this movie we learn that Solo likes fast ships, is a sucker for a nice girl, and isn’t afraid of shady deals that lead to easy cash. Hardly surprising. Alden Ehrenreich won the casting lottery to play legendary Han Solo as a much younger man. Yet whether the role will forever alter the 28-year-old actor’s career will depend on fans’ acceptance of a performance that is just as much about evoking Harrison Ford’s swagger as it is about revealing the mercenary smuggler’s backstory. We meet young Solo on his home world of Corellia. In this highly industrialized environment he yearns to be a skilled aviator. However, the heavy handed rule of the empire is beginning to take hold. In a desperate move to leave the planet and gain freedom, he manages to escape — but not before the authorities nab his girlfriend Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke). Enlisting with the dark side so he can become a pilot, he instead finds himself on a muddy battlefield. It’s here that he meets Beckett (Woody Harrelson), a shifty character who has far bigger and profitable interests than fighting for the Empire, along with a Wookie named (you guessed it) Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo). The script swiftly moves on to a heist-gone-wrong, a bad otherworld For additional information on this film’s content, visit www.parentpreviews.com mafia boss (Paul Bettany), a game of cards that introduces us to Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and the iconic Millennium Falcon spaceship. Needless to say, Solo’s “ownership” of the craft isn’t without dispute. Parents can expect violence similar to other Star Wars episodes. Lightsabers are near extinct in this pre-”use the force” story. Still, there are blasters, blades and the universal fist to take down a wide selection of opponent s, including humans, aliens, droids and the superfluous storm trooper. With all this mayhem, blood effects are few. Profanities are relatively infrequent, however, there are a few TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE WITH YOUR FAMILY… People who study film have long argued that science fiction movie plots are very similar to westerns. This movie seems to embrace that concept. What are the conflicts in this film? Do they resemble an old-school western? (You may have to ask your grandparents about this!) If you could make an “origin story” about a Star Wars character, which would you pick? What new characters would you introduce? VIDEO ALTERNATIVES... All of the movies that are part of Star Wars Franchise. OFFICIAL SITE: https://www.starwars.com/films/solo October 2018 WNY Family 19