WNY Family Magazine October 2018 - Page 15

Is there a monster hiding inside one of your children? Sometimes, we all probably think there is. But in the case of Oliver, it seems to be true. His parents told him to be home after band practice by 6 o’clock, but while waiting for the bus he finds that his friends all ran away. In A Werewolf Named Oliver James (Arthur Levine Books, New York, 2018, $17.99), written and illustrated by Nich- olas John Frith, we learn why. While Oliver is excited to discover he can run faster, jump higher, and even his sense of smell is enhanced, he finds people are afraid of him. They keep yelling, “Werewolf!” when they see him! Con- fused, Oliver makes his way home only to be concerned that his parents will be afraid of him, too. But that is not the case. To solve this mystery you are go- ing to have to read the book to find out. It will be a treat for sure! Halloween can bring out the best and the beast in us. We can find it fun and funny, or creepy and chaotic. This is especially true for children. These books and others at your local library, book- store, or online may help your children find ways to celebrate and cope with the excitement and the uncertainty of this holiday of contradictions. As many of these books point out, it is all in the way you look at it! Dr. Donna Phillips is an associate pro- fessor in the Education Department of Niagara University, where her specialty is literacy and children’s literature. She lives on Grand Island, NY and is the mother of two adult children. October 2018 WNY Family 15