WNY Family Magazine October 2018 - Page 11

ACTIVITY: Photo Booth If the kids are wearing costumes, as- sign a room mom as the photographer to take silly pictures with their friends and classmates. If they are not dressed up, bring a box of old costumes for a photo booth. A simple sheet and colored lights make a nice backdrop. In order for ev- eryone to see the pictures, share them on private websites like Shutterfly. When the pictures are posted, the room moms can notify the parents via email, giving them the account name and password. Pam Molnar is mother of three and for- mer room mom. Follow her on Etsy at Pam’s Party Printables. Time Filler Games If you are trying to use up the last few minutes of party time, here are some quick ideas that are appropriate for the classroom. 20 Questions: Put names of Hal- loween items or phases in a plastic trick or treat pumpkin. Have the kids pull one out and answer the questions from the other students. Pictionary: Using those same names, have the students draw and let the others guess what it is. Add to the picture: Start by drawing a Halloween item like a ghost or a pumpkin. Have the kids come up to the board one by one to add something quickly to make a Halloween scene. Who is the ghost?: Ask a volun- teer to be “it.” He or she will close their eyes while one of the students hides under a white sheet. When the student opens their eyes, he has to guess who the ghost is. Telephone: Have the kids split up in two teams – boys against girls. Whisper the same Halloween term or phrase in the first person’s ear on each team. Have the teams continue to whis- per the word to each member of their team and the team who gets the word or phrase correct at the end, wins. October 2018 WNY Family 11