WNY Family Magazine July 2018 - Page 7

The Great Shoe Hunt Race — Have everyone take off their shoes and place them in a pile. Blow a whistle to signal the start of the race. The players need to run to the pile, find their shoes, put them on and tie them, and then race back to the starting point. Now if you have a large group, there will be plenty of shoes to sort through. However, if your family is small, mothers, please bring along a few extra pairs to make this game fun. The Bell of Freedom Game — Hang a metal dinner bell or a cowbell from a tree or other high point. A wind chime can also work. Give each player six beanbags, trying to ring the “Bell of Freedom.” The player who rings the bell the most times wins. Older children may want to play a word game. On a sheet of paper, write the words, Red, White and Blue. See how many words you can make by combining the letters in this phrase. All-American Snacks Looking for something different to serve? Try making these fun concoc- tions together. Colonial Muffins — Use your fa- vorite muffin mix. Fold in fresh blue- berries and chopped strawberries. Bake according to directions. Serve with flag toothpick decorations. Perky Punch —Make a tray of ice cubes using several drops of red or blue food coloring in the water. Children will love drinking juices or lemonade with colorful ice. Star Salad — Use the fresh fruits of summer to create this fun and deli- cious salad. Let your child help clean lettuce and place it on a plate. Prepare watermelon slices; you will need five equal wedges. Show your children how to place the melon wedges on the lettuce with the points facing outward to make a star. Fill the hole in the center with a scoop of cottage cheese and invite the kids to sprinkle fresh blueberries on top. You now have a nutritious and patriotic red, white, and blue lunch! Tania Cowling is a former teacher, au- thor, and freelance writer residing in Central Florida. July 2018 WNY Family 7