WNY Family Magazine July 2018 - Page 63

THE KIDDIE GOURMET T — by Barbara Blackburn he hamburger, said to have made its first appearance at the St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Ex- position in 1904, is one of America’s favorite foods. It cetrainly is a favorite in Western New York. Stooges, located in Lockport’s histor- ic old City Hall, is a friend to the hamburger. picked a ciabatta to enclose his burger in chunky Jiffy peanut butter and home- 2 Pine St. made bacon/bourbon jam Lockport, NY and some caramelized on- (716) 434-1100 www.StoogesLockport.com ions. Needless to say, we enjoyed sharing our burg- ~ SPOONS ~ ers, each preferring our own choice, though. FOOD 5/5 If you don’t go with one of the Signature Stooges, SERVICE 5/5 you can choose from 21 ingredients. What a deci- The “Lil” Stooges, for sion it is with such choices ages 10 and under, comes FAMILY as smoked gouda, roasted with a side, a drink, and FRIENDLY 4.5/5 red peppers, and kalamata fruit cup for $5.00, which olives. If you can’t make is a family-friendly deal. up your mind, with just the The choices, printed on the three choices that are in- regular menu, include “Lil” cluded, you can pick additional ingredi- mac n’ cheese, “LiL” taco in a bag, ents at $.33 each. “Lil” stooge burger, “Lil” chix fingers, and “Lil” spaghetti with sauce or but- The chef has three purely vegetar- ter. Talking about the sides, they include ian options: The Lonely Vegan Stooge, Curley Q Fries, Sweet Potato Waffle Fresh Vegetable Burger, and the Porte- Fries, Mac n’ Cheese Classic, Mac n’ bello Stuffed Burger. These go for Cheese Krazy, Cottage Cheese, Egg- $11.00 each and come with a choice of plant Fries, and Carrot & Parsnip Fries. Curly Q. Fries or Sweet Potato Waffle Ask the server which are included be- Fries, unless you want to upgrade to one cause separately they range from $2.00 of those more original sides. to $5.00. The Apps are as creative as the To go with my burger, I chose the burgers. Take for instance The “Dev- Carrot and Parsnip Fries, which were as iled” Eggs. Besides the classic variety yummy as they were unique. The Sweet there is the krazy devilish eggs, mean- Potato Waffle Fries were some of the ing every week the chef does a “krazy” best we’ve eaten; they were still crisp in spin on them. ($7.00) The “Krazy Darn” their cover of honey. Good creation shows up in the Mac N’ Cheese, (classic $7.00 and Krazy I stuck with the “I Wanna Pick My $9.00). The customers can get in on the Own Stooge” with a choice from three action by filling out a card and maybe rolls and 3 meats. I chose the brioche, winning as the pick of the week. over the ciabatta and the gluten free roll. Not in the mood for burgers, diners I also chose the Scapp’s Sausage, over can order a soup and or a salad, such as the house blend meat and the chicken. “Oh, I’ll Have The Caesar.” Instead of freely picking three ingredi- ents from an interesting list, I wanted You won’t find dessert here. You’ll the ones in a signature Stooge, called have to take a walk across the street to the ‘“Veggie” burger with some Beef the coffee café, serving Lake Effect ice around it” that included sauteed mush- cream. We were quite satisfied without rooms, spinach, caramelized onions, the sweet ending. The sweet potato waf- and oh yeah, some Swiss cheese. There fle fries could even be a dessert. surely are a lot of decisions to be made To end on a note of trivia, a stooge in this restaurant. is one who feeds straight lines to a co- Dad ordered the “Sticky.” These median, or a puppet, or a stool pigeon. signature Stooges are $13.00 instead To us it is a special burger that entertains of the $12.00 for the three choices. He the palate. Stooges Stuffed Burger Bar Let’s y t r Pa WNY's Only Indoor Rock Climbing Center • Fun For All Ages • No Experience Needed • Friendly Instructors • Controlled Indoor Climbing 1333 Strad Avenue • North Tonawanda 695-1248 www.niagaraclimbingcenter.com One of the Nicest Things 5 C 8 A 0 L - L 0745 You Can Give Your Child TODAY! Is HAPPY MEMORIES! Invite Skiddles the Clown to Entertain at Your Child’s Next Birthday! Picadilly The Clown MAGIC • FACE PAINTING BALLOON ANIMALS CLOWNING FOR ALL OCCASIONS CALL 675-4409 July 2018 WNY Family 63