WNY Family Magazine July 2018 - Page 5

web.finds It’s July — that means it’s time to head to the beach or jump in the pool! That gave us the idea for water-themed crafts for this month! WEAVING RAINBOW FISH Michelle is a 20-something mom over at Crafty Morning. She created this colorful fish cut from white (or possibly black, depending on your creative ideas!) card stock paper, with slits cut to accommodate strips of rainbow colored paper. Add a googly eye (or make one out of paper) to make your fish come to life! Find the details on the whole process at: https://www.craftymorning.com/weaving- rainbow-fish-kids-craft/ MINI MASON JAR AQUARIUMS Claire, mom of three boys, writes her blog A Little Claireification and came up with this adorable project which kids will want to keep for a long time. Pint-sized Mason jars (or recycled jelly jars, etc.), sea life mini figures, bits of plastic aquarium plants, a small amount of aquarium gravel, glitter, and blue food coloring added to distilled or filtered water (less cloudiness) create a mini sea kingdom! Check out her tutorial here: http://alittleclaireification.com/2015/05/11/mini- mason-jar-aquariums-summer-in-jars-series/ SEASIDE PEN & PENCIL HOLDER Sonia is an ENT surgeon, mom to a little girl, and they both love to craft! She used her die cut machine for the palm trees, embossed paper for the cloud, corrugated paper for the sand, foam fish shapes, googly eyes, small seashells, and Thermocol beads for the coconuts (mini Styrofoam beads; found on Amazon or at the craft store). Learn all about it at: https:// cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.com/2015/09/beach- theme-recycling-craft.html CUPCAKE PAPER BOAT CRAFT Amy, over at Planning Playtime, created this simple yet adorable scene with colored cupcake papers to form the ocean waves and the sun, simple geometric shapes for the sailboat, a piece of a straw for the boat’s mast, with a fish added amongst the “waves.” Inexpensive a nd very little mess rates an A+ with us! Check it out at: https://planningplaytime.com/cupcake- liner-boat-craft What’s New... IN THE KIDBIZ DIGITAL MEDIA CAN BRING FAMILIES TOGETHER At least 38% of children under age two and 80% of two- to four-year- olds have used a mobile media de- vice. While it may appear that digital media isolates family members from one another, can it (when used appro- priately) also bring families together? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for children age 0 to 5 emphasize the importance of par- ents’ engagement with their children when using digital media. Certain kinds of digital tools can support family interactions. Using video chat (Skype, Facetime, etc.) al- lows family members to connect when in-person interactions may not be pos- sible. It’s important to support children’s healthy development through co- viewing and co-playing. Children as young as 18 months may be able to learn from digital media when an en- gaged adult is viewing or playing along with them. It’s important that parents answer and ask questions about the material they are co-viewing, point out important concepts, and blend the content viewed into their daily lives and routine. Parents can choose high-quality digital content for their child’s viewing. Promoting active engagement with high-quality material is essential. Web- sites like Common Sense Media, PBS Kids, and Sesame Workshop can help parents decide which apps and pro- grams are best for their children and suit their child’s individual interests. Like physical tools, digital tools can promote school readiness. Wheth- er a story is in print or digital format, parents can help children develop the skills they need for school by asking them questions about the stories and relating the content to the child’s life. Research suggests that preschoolers can learn best from well-designed e- books with limited distracting features (such as games and sounds). Digital tools can support parent and child togetherness. Technology can elicit exciting topics for conversa- tion and encourage family members to spend time with one another. — Source: Child Trends July 2018 WNY Family 5