WNY Family Magazine July 2018 - Page 38

6 Strategies to Encourage Nutritious Snacking (Family Features) With an abundance of prepared-in-advance snacks available that likely come along with unnecessary salts and sugars, it can be difficult to encourage kids to eat snacks with healthier ingre- dients. Quick recipes that include beef and veggies may not be the first snack idea that comes to mind for kids (or parents), but it’s not impossible to instill better decision-making in the kitchen. Skip the chips and improve your children’s snack habits with these simple ideas for influencing healthier decisions:  Enhance the visual appeal of foods by piercing them with decorative toothpicks.  Offer a variety of colorful foods on a plate.  Create color contrasts with foods on a plate or in a bowl.  Arrange foods in an orderly way using a bento box or di- vided plate that helps keep them separate.  Involve kids in preparing their meals.  Pair nutritious foods, like fruits and vegetables, with well- liked or familiar foods. W indsong i nterventional & v ascular s ervices Innovative Healthcare Treatments and Image Guidance The attention given First Lady Melania Trump’s recent embolization is helping others to understand the benefits of image-guided procedures offered by interventional radiolo- gists. Windsong’s Interventional and Vascular Services su