WNY Family Magazine July 2018 - Page 33

• Beans • Seeds and nuts • Fruits and vegetables • Most dairy products There are still many grains that are fine for people with gluten sensitivities to eat, including: • Buckwheat • Corn, hominy and cornmeal • Flax • Flours made of gluten free grains (rice, soy, corn, potato, bean, etc.) • Millet • Quinoa • Rice • Tapioca Helping Your Child Transition to Life with a Gluten Sensitivity If your child is resistant to the di- etary changes, point out how much better they’re feeling and the way their symp- toms are subsiding.  It is often difficult for children to see the connection. • Explain to your child what it means to have a gluten intolerance. Prepare a fact sheet with this infor- mation for teachers, babysitters, extended family, and other care- givers. • Serve a wide variety of food to keep boredom from setting in. • Encourage children to help you re- search gluten free-foods and reci- pes. Shop for ingredients and cook together. Even young children can feel part of the process by getting items off the shelves, pouring in- gredients into the mixing bowl, and stirring. Your child may not be the only one to benefit from the changes. Many adults report feeling better after transitioning the whole family to a gluten-free diet. This is probably because it results in a healthier diet overall. Fill out this survey to see if your child is eligible www.surveymonkey.com/r/RWMscreener2 Do You Have a Child Between 4 and 5 Years Old? The Child Health and Behavior Lab at UB is recruiting children for new studies! Does your child like to read books and eat snacks? In the Read With Me Study, you and your child can earn up to $25 and a free book. Your child will be asked to: ◆ Play a fun game at our lab to earn time reading books with a parent or snacks. ◆ Complete reading activities with you at home. *Parent/guardian and child must meet eligibility criteria to participate Contact us to learn more about our studies! Call: 716-829-6694 Email: UBHABLAB@gmail.com Does your Child have ADD? ADHD? What is Your Next Move? Looking for Options? BrainCore is our cutting edge, drug free approach to help treat ADD, ADHD and much more. Chiropractic Care Dr. Christina Trzaska 1408 Sweet Home Road, Suite 3 • Amherst, NY 14228 716-901-3487 • www.DrChristinaTrzaska.