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every classroom, and these kids will not have to feel “different” or “weird.” Irlen Syndrome affects 14% of the population and is more common than asthma and heart disease, and affects daily quality of life in serious ways. Irlen Syndrome impacts the brain’s ability to process visual information, affecting dai- ly functioning. Individuals of all ages and ethnicities may experience Syndrome symptoms, which include light sensitiv- ity, headaches or migraines, difficulty or discomfort when reading, eye-strain, and distorted print text or environment. Irlen Syndrome affects millions of people around the world, but is not yet identified by standard educational or medical tests. It affects 46% of individu- als with reading and learning difficul- ties and 30% of people with ADHD and autism. Without identification, most of these sufferers remain unaware of the true source of their problems, and are diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and behavior or psychiatric problems, while Irlen Syndrome goes unrecognized. Irlen Syndrome has also increasingly been linked to a significant portion of individuals with brain injury, chronic headaches, and migraines. Failure to identify and treat Irlen Syndrome can have severe consequenc- es, ranging from academic and work- place failure or ongoing physical and emotional symptoms, to increased likeli- hood of entering the criminal justice sys- tem. Up to 80% of our prison population Regan gladly wears her glasses with Irlen tinted lenses. has Irlen Syndrome. Since my daughter’s diagnosis and seeing not only the physical changes, but the mental and emotional effects Irlen Syndrome has had on her, I have made it my personal mission to inform the public about it. Not one child should ever have to suffer like Regan did because they did not know about Irlen Syndrome!  There are approximately 3-5 chil- dren in every classroom suffering from this and the vast majority don’t know what is wrong with them. I have start- ed a Facebook group called “The Irlen Syndrome Parent Connection”, which is focused on raising awareness and giving people a platform to connect, share their stories, ask questions and find out infor- mation. Additionally, I am working with the Irlen Foundation in California to raise funds and award scholarships for kids/people who can’t otherwise afford the testing and lenses. Health insurance does not cover the cost of this, but we want to help make it not only available, but affordable for anyone who needs it. Please join our Facebook group for more information and insight on Irlen Syndrome. I am always happy to speak to you personally about any questions you may have. Janelle Martin is a mother of two from Magnolia, Texas and is an advocate for Irlen Syndrome. The Irlen Method and the efficacy of colored overlays and colored lenses has been the subject of over 200 research studies encompassing the disciplines of education, psychol- ogy, and medicine. To date, more than 100 of these studies supporting the use of colored overlays and lenses to treat the perceptual processing difficulties as- sociated with Irlen Syndrome are pub- lished in peer-reviewed academic and scientific journals, including the  Jour- nal of Learning Disabilities, Australian Journal of Special Education,  Percep- tual and Motor Skills,  Australian Jour- nal of Learning Disabilities,  Journal of Clinical & Experimental Neuropsy- chology,  Journal of Research in Read- ing, and Behavioral Optometry among others. Learn more at www.irlen.com. Lynne Rifkin Shine, LMHC, CRC NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor You are NOT alone… • Couples & Relationship Counseling • Anxiety & Depression • Parenting • Grief & Loss • Infertility 716-725-7158 | 716-689-3110 Ext. 1 1660 Hopkins Road, Suite 103 • Amherst, NY 14068 www.auduboncounseling.com ss e n l l e W Choices Informed wellness decisions lead to healthy, fulfilling lives. This section, a monthly complement to our annual July “Healthy Child, Healthy Family” pull-out, focuses on topics of utmost importance to today’s families in the areas of Wellness, Physical & Mental Health, Nutrition and much more. READERSHIP 92% 91% Are Women 60% Have Combined Household Income over $ 75,000 90% Are College Educated Are 25-54 Years Old 78% of WNY Family Readers Purchase Products and Services from our Advertisers 80% of all family health care decisions are made by women. 84% of women prepare the family meals & make the nutrition choices. 93% of over the counter pharmaceuticals are purchased by women. For more information, call our Advertising Department at 836-3486 ext. 104. July 2018 WNY Family 31