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the dollar store or even simple snacks. When she gets restless or needs a re- ward, let her choose an item to unwrap. 10) Stow away snacks. Gra- nola bars, trail mix, fruit, bagels, crackers, and cheese cubes are easy to keep fresh. Pack water to quench your child’s thirst. Avoid sweets, as they could cause a sugar rush. 11) Go for the games. Pack a collection of games and toys you can hand out every so often. This includes small coloring books, stickers, word searches, and board games in travel sizes. Plan to play “I Spy,” “20 Ques- tions” or the “Alphabet Game,” where everyone finds a letter or combination of letters on signs, billboards, or license plates. Also include some stories and sing-along songs on CD or a phone app to help pass time in the car. Of course, you can always rely on some kid- friendly apps on your phone or tablet. 12) Keep a travel journal. Have your child take pictures of things that interest him. Although you may think the mountain ahead is picture worthy, he may want to take photos of flowers, rocks, and bugs. In between destinations, encourage him to draw pictures and write about interesting things he has seen or foods he’s eaten. When the trip is over, the photos, writ- ings, and drawings can be made into a memorable scrapbook. 13) Prepare for post-vaca- tion blues. A fun way to help chil- dren cope with post-vacation blues is to have them write postcards to them- selves telling where they went that day, what they had to eat, etc. When they get home, the postcard will be waiting for them or show up shortly thereafter. This will be a great souvenir for them to show their friends. Afterwards, add the postcards to the journal or scrap- book you may have created for lasting family memories! Enter to Win 1 of 10 FAMILY 4-PACKS of Tickets to the Erie County Fair! ENTRY DEADLINE: July 25, 2018 YES! Enter Us In the ERIE COUNTY FAIR TICKETS Drawing! (ONE entry per family/address. No photocopies accepted. No purchase necessary.) NAME __________________________________________________________________ STREET ________________________________________________________________ CITY _______________________________ STATE ________ ZIP _________________ PHONE __________________________ Kids ages: _____________________________ Denise Morrison Yearian is the former editor of two parenting magazines, mother of three chil- dren, and grandmother of four. If you would like to receive our FREE Digital Issue, please provide your email (optional). Email: __________________________________________________________________ MAIL ENTRY to: WNY Family, 3147 Delaware Ave., Suite B, Buffalo, NY 14217. For more details or to enter online, visit www.wnyfamilymagazine.com July 2018 WNY Family 13