WNY Family Magazine July 2018 - Page 10

Travel Activities to Entertain and (OMG!) Educate Kids I tronics! — by Denise Morrison Yearian f your family is traveling in the car this summer, keep boredom at bay and hone your kids’ academic skills with these innovative suggestions — without any elec- 1. Fortunately, unfortunately. Create a story that goes back and forth from good to bad. The first person may say, “There once was a girl who lived in a castle…” The next person continues with, “Unfortunately…” and comes up with bad news such as, “The castle was attacked by a dragon…” Then the next person says, “Fortunately…” and adds something good to the story, and so on until it reaches a happy ending. 2. Animal amusements. Name an animal, then have the next person think of a different animal whose name begins with the last sound or letter of the proceeding animal. For ex- ample, if the first person says, “Tiger,” the second person could say, “Rhinoceros,” and the third person could say, “Snake.” This activity could be done with sports teams, music groups, movies — whatever your child’s interest is. The Original Fun Family Movie Experience... • Mini Golf • Playground • • Concessions • 3. Practice makes perfect. Buy a small white board with an attached marker so your kids can practice writing letters and numbers, drawing pictures or playing simple games. These boards are magnetic so bring along magnetic letters and num- bers for little ones to practice counting and spelling words. Also put one letter on a page that corresponds to the place you are traveling to, then add short words and pictures that begin with that letter. If you are going to Tennessee, make a “T” page so your children can trace the letter and color the page. Give them pipe cleaners to try to shape letters, too. Call or visit our website for times and films scheduled on our 5 giant outdoor screens. 4. Count me in! Put a new spin on the “Twenty Ques- tions” game by including numbers. Pick a number then have your kids ask: “Is it odd or even?” “Greater than five?” For younger children choose a number between one and ten; for older ones up the ante with larger figures and more difficult questions: “Is it a factor of two?” “Divisible by five?” WWW.TRANSITDRIVEIN.COM 5. Tally it up. Watch for numbers on road signs and write them down. After you’ve found five different figures add them 625-8535 10 WNY Family July 2018