WNCC Alumni & Friends Newsletter Summer 2015 - Page 5

Summer 2015 WNCC STRATEGIC PLAN WNCC conducted a community study during which 116 local business and community leaders from around the western Nebraska Panhandle were asked questions about the regional economic climate, WNCC’s effectiveness, and the regional workforce. WNCC used this community feedback to outline the College’s three-year Strategic Plan. Check out the full summary of the study results at: wnccfoundation.org 93% OF PARTICIPANTS HELD A FAVORABLE IMPRESSION OF WNCC Strategic Plan Goals Goal 1: Student Recruitment Develop and implement a Recruitment Plan to raise participation rates of students. Goal 2: Student Success Review, modify, and implement college-wide processes and procedures to raise retention and graduation rates. Goal 3: Student Learning and Development To launch a long-term effort at engaging students and faculty members in the creation of the type of vital learning enterprise that students and staff members deserve. Goal 4: High School Partnerships Work closely with school districts in creating clear academic pathways, preparing students for the rigor of college, and helping students achieve their career goals. Goal 5: Workforce Readiness Enhance and align college resources/programming to the demands of regional workforce shortages and training needs. ENTREPRENEURS “LINK YOUR BUSINESS” 87% OF ALL FIRMS THAT GRADUATE FROM THEIR INCUBATORS ARE STILL IN BUSINESS start up or expansion of a business. A business can also be virtually incubated – by taking advantage of the services and resources provided by a variety of organizations that support businesses. Program participants can use conference and training classrooms for free and enjoy free classes and workshops. For more information, contact Judy Amoo at 308.635.6702 or amooj@wncc.edu. source: nbia.org/resource_library/faq/#8 < The WNCC Linkubator combines business incubation and a link to a wide array of services and resources orchestrated to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Incubation can happen through locating your business in an office at WNCC, where supports are provided for businesses that don’t yet have the capital to invest in things such as furniture, computer, phone, and fax systems, conference and training rooms, and other resources vital to the “This has been a great venture so far, and it’s steadily growing on both sides - security and investigations. I’m honored to be a part of the Incubator program and for all of your help. Thanks for your assistance and the time you spend making us a success.” – Lanny Hanks, owner of Hanks Security and Investigations