WLM WLM Summer 2018 - Page 35

The thing about these places is that, while they are beautiful, the tallest peak in Colorado, which tops out at 14,440, isn’t overly noteworthy in passing, despite being 600 feet higher than the Tetons. One has to wonder what makes this mountain range so special compared to the rest of the Intermountain West. There is one factor, which I happened to notice while flying around Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. The Tetons are a “fault block range,” which means that a fault line causes the mountains to rise and the valley to sink. I happened to take a special liking to the Sangre de Cristo Range in Colorado and Wasatch Range in Utah, later finding out that these rather steep mountain ranges share a characteristic with the Tetons. There is something else going on in Wyoming that is one of a kind. The Yellowstone hot spot basically sits in one place, and the earth’s crust moves over time. Over a rather extended period of time, the earth’s crust slid from roughly Boise, Idaho to where Yellowstone is today, along with its supervolcano having conveniently blown its top a number of times creating the Snake River Plain in Idaho. That, in turn, allows for Pac f27GW&RF6PFFRFWF2VFW''WFVB'F6R'F6WFVF&vW0&WfW6ǒVFVBBpFRw&VFVG2W7Bf"F2`fVǒvFW"Bw&BF&vVPB66RrvFFPf&Fbv6W'2w&BFWFF&6F0V&W"bVBBVV@v6W'2bFV&R&WG&VBB&RBFRV6W7BF7BvRFrFG&pFRvv66RWFVW72FW&R&VB`&RvW&gVf&6W2FR7@FB֗VBvFbF2fVǐf62BFV7F27FfFW2F@r&VG&vRVF0WfV7FVWW"RFRF@vRFW&R&Rv6W'2FRFWF0WfVFFFRV&W7Bv6W'2&PFRvB&fW"&vRBfWpFW2FR'6&2B&p&2FW"VF&vW0&VBFRFWF2&R&W6VFǐFWfBbv67FfGv60F6FbFR6vfFBFPFWF2&V6VfRFVg&RFRvGVFRbFPFWF2FvW&BWגFVR&7&gBf'7B&V@Rw֖rvW&RRFV@FBBVBƖR( R67F6P7vGW&B( v62&vRWBrVWfFR&&FW&pvW&FW"vRfW&fWrFPv&ƖW7B6V7F2bFRFWF2@R67VǒFVC( ĖbRƖRfǖpW&R^( BƖRFR7v722( ХFW6RVF2&RFR66W7BfRfVBFRvW"CFv@W7G27vGW&BwwrwƖfW7GR6У30