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WISHING WIRE Volunteer Newsletter| Issue 3 2014 Aiden’s wish puts Make-A-Wish in the spotlight for World Wish Day Five-year-old Aiden, diagnosed with neuroblastoma, had a very special wish: to find Nemo. Chosen to celebrate World Wish Day which marks the very first wish that inspired the creation of Make-A-Wish , 34 years ago, Aiden’ wish captured the imagination of people and communities around Australia. s When Aiden was diagnosed with neuroblastoma shortly after his third birthday, it came as a huge shock for the family. “We just weren’t prepared. Our life stopped at that moment,” said his mum Nicole. Aiden, too, found it hard. Confined to hospital and prevented by his illness from going in the water, which he loves, one film in particular cheered him up: the tale of a young clownfish called Nemo. When Aiden chose to ‘find’ Nemo for his wish, neither he nor his family could have imagined just how big the scale of that wish would be. World Wish Day was a huge success, with Aiden’s wish touching the hearts of people here and the world over. The entire Cairns community came on board to help make Aiden’s wish come true, with many locals donating their time, goods and services, and hundreds of people lining the streets to see Aiden’s progress. Australian media responded with vigour, with Channel Ten’s The Project following Aiden right through Cairns on his quest. The story was also picked up internationally, with coverage in Canada as well as a feature in the Huffington Post. Volunteer Newsletter | Issue 3 2014 Celebrity support helped raise the profile even further, with Blinky Bill (AKA National Patron Robyn Moore) delivering a clue at Cairns Tropical Zoo’s koala enclosure, and Australian actor Eric Bana reprising his role of Anchor the hammerhead shark to deliver Aiden’s final clue. For a family who has gone through so much, the response to Aiden’s wish has been overwhelming. “Never in my life have I experienced something like this. What he’s gone through and to see this, it’s just fantastic,” said Aiden’s grandfather. This is a huge testament to the power of a wish, and what we can all achieve when we work together to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Thank you to everyone who helped us to celebrate World Wish Day by sharing in Aiden’s story. Your efforts helped make Aiden’s wish a beacon for the vital work we do. ■ Page 1