Wirral Life October 2017 - Page 9

W NEWS L LIGHTS SHINE BRIGHT IN MEMORY OF DAD CALLING ALL THE HEROES! Wirral Council is calling for your nominations for the Wirral Award 2017! Recipients will be treated to a civic reception at Wallasey Town Hall, and join a small but distinguished band of people who have been recognised with this civic honour - which rewards going the extra mile for others. They are looking for individuals or organisations living or working in Wirral who have made an outstanding achievement over the previous 12 months, or have given distinguished service to the borough (over a period of 20 years or more, less in exceptional circumstances). Mayor of Wirral, Cllr Ann McLachlan, will present the awards. She said: ‘Our award holders are from various fields of public life and have included volunteers, community workers and people from the world of sport and the arts. If you’ve ever heard yourself thinking that someone you know deserved an award for the good works they do, now is the time to nominate them.’ You have until December 8, 2017, to make your nomination at: www.wirral.gov.uk/awards. Ten thousand beautiful lights will be switched on in memory of loved ones at Wirral Hospice St John’s this December. This special event is an opportunity for our local community to come together to sponsor a light and remember their loved ones. The switch-on will take place in the Hospice gardens on Sunday 3rd December from 4.30pm. The names of those remembered will feature in the books of honour on display in the hospice chapel. Each name sponsored will receive a Light up a Life card and there is an opportunity to buy a Light up a Life star as a keepsake tree decoration. This year the lights will be switched on by eight-year-old Sam Bryson whose dad died at Wirral Hospice St John’s in 2015. Sam was six and his sister Florence was just two when their dad Roger died from bowel cancer aged 48. The children spent a lot of time visiting their dad at the hospice and were always made to feel welcome and cared for; their father was an in-patient for almost three months. Periods of stability meant he was able to live at the family home in Hoylake for a few weeks at a time. Roger was a news journalist who worked for the BBC in Liverpool, and was a former news editor of The Liverpool Daily Post. Roger was hospitalised in May 2013 with essential thrombocythemia – a blood disorder that caused a series of blood clots, resulting in complications and emergency bowel surgery. He returned to work nearly 18 months later, but developed further problems and was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in April 2015. He moved to Wirral Hospice St John’s days later. The family have since moved from Wirral to Julia’s hometown in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, but visit Hoylake often. Roger’s family – his mum was 91 this year and lives in Moreton with his sister Jehane, and his brother Pete and sister )܁́ٔ%ɉ丁)ձ ͽɥѕ́IՉ(ɅՉյ́ѡȁɹ䁽]ɥѥ)ȁ͉éȁ̰ͥ́ٔѼѡٕՅ)́ѠȁѼЁѡɽ՝ѡɥЁݥѠ)ѡ́ͥȁͥѥ%Ё́ͼ͕ٕѼٔͥ)ѼЁ܁ѡЁЁѡѥ)Ёͼѡݡ丁1Ё啅ˊéѼɅ͔+ ѽ݅ɑ́չ́ѥЁɔQͽȁа(Ā̀ȁ٥ͥЁܹݥɅɜ)M!QM UIde=UQ ) 1U IQ)]105UI0)Mѕ͉eѠ ՈɅѥݥѠQ)]ɕ=ݕMѽ䰁́ɕѕ݅Ʌݥѡѡ)ɽչ́ѡMѕ͉é5ɥɑݡ)́]\āѱ͍́ɕ䁱)ɽ]ɕ=ݕéaQ9Ё]ˊd)QɅѕ́ѡݽɭ́ѼɅєѡչ)ݡݕɔ́ѡѠՈݡٔѡȁٕ́)ѡqɕЁ]ˊt䁽ݡɔɕѡՋé)Ʌѥٔa dQɅ݅́ѕI)ɥ䰁ݡ́ѡɕͥЁѥЁݥѠѡ]ɕ=ݕMѽ䰁͕)ɝ屔Mɕа ɭIݡՑЁ͵ѡ)Ё 1̰ͅq%Ё́ȁѼɥєѼ)ѡՋéɥɑ]ɕٕЁ͡Ёх݅)ݽձٔݸѡ%Ё͕ѥѼɅє)́=ݕ݅́ЁЁѡ͕͕́́Ѡѡ݅ȸ)Q$͔݅́ԁՉ͡ݡ]ɕ݅)ٔ݅́Յɥѕ)ձܰͼЁ́ᅍѱ啅)ͥɽaѠٕ݅́ȁ䁽̄t5)ѡՉ٥ͥЁѡɑ䁅Ʌа͔ɥѡ)ՈĀԸ)ݥɅ