Wirral Life October 2017 - Page 79

W BUSINESS L TELEDYNE CML COMPOSITES KIRWANS SOLICITORS With a state of the art facility in Bromborough, Teledyne CML Composites provides comprehensive manufacturing services for composite products in advanced engineering applications, including components and assemblies for aircraft structures and systems. A strategic partnership with Wirral Chamber of Commerce offers opportunities to drive the direction of Wirral’s business landscape. For Kirwans, one of the North West’s most established and respected law firms, success has been built in delivering legal expertise to both private and commercial clients for over 70 years. With this vast depth of knowledge, it enables the company to offer complete legal solutions. With a strong pedigree in the manufacture of machined and fabricated metallic components since the 1940’s, Teledyne CML Composites is now focused on the manufacture and supply of composite components from details through to complete sub-assemblies or kits of parts. Andy Snell, Head of Strategic Partnerships and International Trade at Wirral Chamber commented, “Teledyne is a fantastic addition to our strategic partners, they are hugely ambitious for their company and Wirral’s continuing renaissance. By working with us and our Higher Education partner, it is looking to ensure it has the best possible skills base to draw upon to keep pace with future growth plans.” Andy Snell, Head of Strategic Partnerships and International Trade at Wirral Chamber of Commerce, acknowledges the role played by Frank Rogers, Head of Business Development at Kirwans, “Frank is synonymous with Wirral and has been at the heart of many regeneration initiatives with the Council and the Chamber. His drive, energy and insight will be an invaluable addition to our strategic forum. Kirwans are a complete law firm with a broad range of services that we would not hesitate to recommend to our fast- growing membership.” CONTESSA HOTELS Wirral prides itself on being the fastest growing visitor destination within the Liverpool City Region, and has the two highest rated hotels with Hillbark and Leverhulme Hotels, Hillbark boasting a 5* rating. The hotel owners, Contessa, have continued to deliver and meet the highest standards recognised not only within the tourism industry but by the standards that national and international guests expect. Lisa Baker, Director of Contessa Hotels said: “From training and development of our teams to apprenticeship opportunities an Z[[XZ܈XY\™܈HY[ۋY\[X]\\H\Y[XH[ˈ\[[\[[ܛ\H]Hܛۈ[\[\[\Y[[\\H[HY[ۈ\[X[H[ܙX\Y ]\]\\\]X[B^HZZ\H\H][YY^HH][H[]X[[ܙB\]ܜ؜[[\Y[\HK[[X\\[\HYY 8'H\H[YYܚ[\\\]X[Y[X[\[\\[\[][]H[H[X\\[ZK[Z[Y]YX\\\HHZ[Hو][\[ۈBX\ \[[X\و[Y\H\H\X\\܈۝\H[Hܝ\۝[Z[\\\\[\[[][[›][][ۜ\[H]HY[ۈ\[\]\]YX\\˸'B\[YKH