Wirral Life October 2017 - Page 75

W BUSINESS NEWS L WIRRAL DIGITAL MEDIA FIRM WHITFIELD REPORTS RAPID SALES RISE BESPOKE FUNDING PACKAGE HELPS ART SCHOOL CHAMPAGNE BAR LAUNCH GO WITH A FIZZ Wirral digital media specialist Whitfield Business Support is reporting a 50pc sales rise in the last 12 months. A bespoke financial package has helped an award- winning Liverpool restaurateur’s latest venture go with a fizz. The Heswall business which specialises in graphic design and marketing has driven sales by 54pc since September 2016 servicing more than 175 clients. The firm is run by co-directors Nik Ellis and Justine McLaughlin. Justine said the firm is experiencing strong demand from start-ups to larger SMEs looking to outsource their entire design departments. The design outfit’s sales growth is also being matched by internal investment and several new recruits taking the total staff count to 12. “After three years building our brand we have become established in the market place and continue to drive strong momentum,” said Justine. “In the last year we have ramped up project wins and there is much greater awareness of who we are, and what we do. While our specialism lies in social media, graphic design, website design and email marketing we can offer clients much more than that. Our senior management benefits from years of entrepreneurial experience, successfully running other multi- million pound businesses. We understand the challenges which come with running a business, and the passion, energy and dedication which is required to make it a success. We are able to match our client’s appetite to achieve the best possible results every step of the way. Most importantly, we use our combined total of more than 35 years of design experience so our clients can concentrate of delivering their own services. Our client base has broadened considerably over the last twelve months working with a large range of clients from start-ups to larger SMEs.” Nik said due to the increase in work Whitfield has been able to invest back into its team. The recently expanded outfit now includes three graphic designers, a web designer, marketing and communications manager, marketing assistant, business development manager and three first impressions coordinators. “We have invested in our design team so we can provide a variety of different styles of design to suit the varied needs of our client base,” said Nik. “Our team has created a strong bond quickly because we believe in making the workplace an enjoyable, creative and dynamic experience. We also invest in lots of events for our staff outside of work for team bonding which is essential for any creative environment. ” For more information of Whitfield Business Hub visit the website: www.whitfieldbusiness.co.uk or call 0151 342 0679. Paul Askew, chief patron and founder of exclusive city centre eaterie The Art School, has opened a new champagne and wine bar, The Art School Cellars, in the basement of its Sugnall Street venue. This has created 11 jobs, and more will follow with the planned opening of a new private dining room. The new walk-in wine cellar and tasting room boasts the biggest range in the city, with up to 350 different wines and champagnes which Paul believes will make The Art School Cellars the perfect pre- and post-dinner or concert drinks venue in Liverpool. The bar offers a collection of cheeses and charcuterie and a private tasting room, seating 10 people and offering a wine and food-matching service, with accompanying sommeliers, for both the private and corporate markets. “We wanted to create something unique that Liverpool didn’t have,” he said. The inspiration for the new bar came from the Basque Country region and Northern Italy. In San Sebastián bars you have beautiful pinchos on the bar that you can match up with a glass of wine. We have the warmth and hospitality in Liverpool, but maybe not the matching expe Y[K\š\\][]H[\ 'B\\]ܚY]ܙۈ[]X[Y[\X܈]\\H[[X[XX[\]]H\[\[[H[BܙX][ۈوH\][H][Hو\]\H܈H\[ۙYB[\[Y\[Yܘ\\]\H[\Yۙ\ܘ]HQ HZY'[H\]\H\\KH[\ܚXH]\YY]]˂XܚX[HYY]۝[\ܘ\KH\H[H NZ[[[B[Y\H\X\\XوHXܚX[K]]HYB[ܙH[\˸'H]]H\[YH0 [[B\]\H[\\]ZY8'[HZY]][[&]\\H]X8&K][[]YX[\]\[]\]Z]HHو[ۙ^K]\[X]HX[Y[Y[و\ˈ]]HXYB]\HX\H܈\[\[Yܘ\\]\H[ܘ]HQܚ]\HHܚ][H[H]\K'B]]H\[\[[HX[Y[\X܋ܙۈ[]ZY8'H\H[YYܚ]][[][[H]˜[\YۙH\X[HHܙX]Y][ۈH\ٙ\[˸'B\[YKH