Wirral Life October 2017 - Page 66

W BEAUTY L AUTUMN BEAUTY by Annabel Birtles & Katie Hayes As summer fades into autumn, the summer blues begin and we all start to reminisce about those warm nights spent sipping cocktails and listening to the sound of the ocean in the near distance. However, as we look back we are also guilty of forgetting to focus on the now and how the change in weather can affect our delicate skin. So, this month, in order to keep our readers glowing even in the crisp winter air, we have brought you our top skincare products so you can feel tropical even as the season fades. See you next month! – Love Katie and Annabel x CLINIQUE 3 STEP INTRO KIT TYPE 2 £20 As your skin dries out pre-winter months it is important to make sure it stays refreshed and hydrated at every possible moment to avoid falling into the trap of dry and flaky patches blotched across your face. Clinique’s 3 Step Intro Kit is a favourite of ours as it combines a trio of skincare treats to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise dry, combination skin. The set contains Liquid Face Wash, Clarifying lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturising lotion. All three work together to complement each other in a skin care routine to rely on. Each product works gently upon your skin to ensure your skin is ready to tackle the cold, even if you aren’t just yet. KATE HAYES MOTHER OF PEARL HIGHLIGHTER £17.50 For this product we are going directly to Katie herself. Ladies, no matter the time of year you must never forget the ultimate makeup essential – highlighter. No look is ever complete without that added glow and shine applied perfectly upon your makeup. Katie Hayes’ own Mother of Pearl highlighter is a UK top seller with customers ranging from across the UK in desperation to get their hands upon this often sold out product. The creamy texture offers flawless dewy illumination and comes widely recommended by clientele across the board. Packaged perfectly within an easy to use application bottle, this highlighter will complete any look and will make you shine even if the sun does not. 66 wirrallife.com TATCHA LUMINOUS DEWY SKIN MIST £60 Earlier this year, Katie had the most amazing opportunity to live every makeup artists dream and attended a ‘Divine’ masterclass by celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic which featured Kim Kardashian as the model. From this, Katie has been able to employ some tips which means they can come straight from her to you. Tatcha skin mist is a product favourite from Mario and will keep skin glowing even on the bleakest days. Botanical oils give skin that ultimate dewy and glossy look whilst the hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to ensure your makeup glides on effortlessly for a flawless finish. This product makes for light and easy application in a sprayable bottle meaning perfection can be achieved wherever needed. BONDI SANDS SELF TAN ERASER £14.99 It’s no secret girls that now our natural tans are fading, along with the memories from summer, that we will all begin to top up our tan from our favourite little bronzed bottle. However, no one enjoys the endless scrubbing required to remove said tan so we have picked out the revolutionary self-tan eraser from Bondi Sands to share with you all. This product effectively removes the false tan without harmful ingredients or exfoliation whilst moisturising and softening the skin, leaving it replenished and smooth for your next ‘mitt’ application. MAC VANILLA LIP SCRUBTIOUS £12.50 To keep your lips smooth and hydrated in the cold month’s, MAC’s new sugar-based lip scrubtious rub is the ultimate pucker product. With an enhanced exfoliating formula, your dry and chapped skin will be glossed away leaving your lips enriched with conditioning nourishments. This lip rub is available in 5 flavours but our firm favourite is the sweetened taste of vanilla to give you that last touch of summer throughout your autumn day.