Wirral Life October 2017 - Page 59

HOT S TUFF HOT S S S TOV T U F E F SHOWROOM S TOV E S SHOWROOM ELECTRIC DESIGNER D E L R E E C A T M S C S D E T S O I G V N E E S R R I DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE RANGE DREAMS The ESSE 990 EL is the 13Amp electric cast iron range cooker with dual hob, featuring cast iron hotplate and induction zone. in Stoves 20 colours, it has ‘surround elements’ even showroom. oven At Available Hot Stuff in Hoylake - we have a truly for unique and collection a full-width This little gem is temperatures home to a vast of grill. both contemporary and Control your electricity bill) by setting the cooker main The ESSE 990 cooking EL is the (and 13Amp electric cast iron range traditional stoves, displayed within carefully designed sets to offer you ovens at the temperature you choose, and for induction roasting, zone. with dual hob, featuring cast iron hotplate an array of fabulous ideas for your home. Alongside stoves, we also simmering or slow cooking. the Available in 20 baking, colours, it has ‘surround elements’ for even oven have the full range of Esse cookers available including gas, electric 990 EL features a third ‘slow and all controls are temperatures and a oven’ full-width grill. and solid fuel. We are renowned for timeless our bespoke installations in many neatly concealed, to give that traditional range Control your cooking (and electricity bill) by setting the main cooker A appearance. prestige ovens bars and restaurants. full is for available from the Hetas at the temperature you service choose, roasting, baking, simmering slow cooking. and Gas Safe installers, who offer a or free survey to advise and quote on 990 EL a third ‘slow oven’ is and controls are but our all aspects of features heating options. Not only our all work exceptional, neatly to give to that timeless range attention to concealed, detail is second none, this is traditional evident from the second cooker appearance. HOT STUFF STOVES STOVES The KC 100 Designer Stove is the latest addition to the ESSE family of wonderful wood-burners, glorious gas stoves and stoves from ESSE. you step into Hot Stuff multi-fuel Stoves. As well as the stunning variety of multi Like all ESSE stoves, the 100 KC has a rich fuel and gas stoves, our Aladdin’s cave houses an heritage eclectic and mix was of local created with the benefit of 162 years’ stove-building experience. The artisan KC 100 Designer Stove is the latest addition to the ESSE handmade wares along with bespoke one-off pieces from all Visit the Hot Stuff Showrooms to explore the complete collection family of wonderful wood-burners, glorious gas stoves and over the of world. From ESSE fires to furniture and gifts, visit to Hot Stuff hand-built stoves. We also offer a a beautiful range of will multi-fuel stoves from ESSE. inspire you. The vast accessories knowledge, including advice and help available from our stove companion sets, Like all ESSE stoves, the 100 KC has a rich heritage and was log baskets, coal log stove-building stores and stove showroom is with always and free. With new stock arriving weekly created the friendly benefit of buckets, 162 years’ experience. cleaning products. and our free Showrooms Christmas to and cooking offering great Visit upcoming the Hot Stuff explore the events complete collection of hand-built ESSE also offer a beautiful range in of for a discounts in November, be stoves. sure to We contact us to book yourself including night of festive stove treats accessories on 0151 632 1610. companion sets, log baskets, coal buckets, log stores and stove cleaning products. HOT STUFF STOVES TEL: 0151 632 1610 | www.hotstuffstoves.com 92 Market St, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 3BD. HOT STUFF STOVES HOT STUFF STOVES TO BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE AT OUR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVENT ON STUNNING MONDAY 13TH NOVEMBER 0151 WARM 632 1610 VISIT OUR SHOWROOM FOR CALL A 92 TRULY WELCOME Market St, Hoylake, Wirral, CH4 Б S MLH ̈ ML˚Yݙ\˘BTUTSSԓHԈHSHTHSQBYݙ\8(LX\] [ZK\[  Б8( MLH ̈ ML8(˚Yݙ\˘