Wirral Life October 2017 - Page 58

INTERIOR INSPIRATION BY KATE KINGSTON Kate Kingston, Managing Director of Kingston Shaw, an interior design company with offices on the Wirral, London and Dubai, shares with us the latest trends for creating the perfect home. BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS - A GUIDE TO INVESTING IN A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP We at Kingston Shaw are suffering from a little jet lag due to our recent travels over the Pond. Whilst we were away we sampled the delights of several hotels and their mattresses but nothing beats the feeling of coming home and crawling into our own beds and hunkering down to some seriously dysfunctional slumber. My bed is an important part of the collection of my belongings and I will admit it took extensive research and deliberation to pick out the perfect bed and mattress, and I will wager the same is true for you? Did you know that having the right mattress will reduce swelling, aches and pains and allergies too? And what makes a perfect bed, well that’s easy it is the combination of aesthetic and comfort and for me crisp, cool Frette Linen! There are a vast variety of manufactures that offer every type of mattress, some even designed by NASA. You can spend up from £299 - £50,000 and choose to sleep on memory foam, latex, or even mink filled mattresses. Here are our tips for a perfect fit: 1. Choose your Budget What is the maximum you can afford to spend? This is one area where the more you spend the better the quality, don’t skimp. 2. Decide what kind of mattress you need • Hybrid • Latex • Memory Foam • Coil • Pillow Top • Adjustable 3. Speak to a reputable mattress expert to ensure that the mattress you choose is right for your body, mind and pocket 4. What firmness do you require? 5. Hunt in Pairs Make sure that you take the person you are sharing your bed with to test it out with you! Ensure that your base is equipped to deal with your mattress and is suitable. Our Top Five Mattress Manufactures • Savoir Beds www.savoirbeds.co.uk • Vispring www.vispring.com • Tempur www.tempur.com • John Lewis Natural Collection www.johnlewis.com • Top Dog mattress www.loaf.com In summary, there will be no better way to invest in your wellbeing than purchasing the perfect mattress. Here’s to no bumps in the night this Halloween and good quality rest whether you are wicked or not! 58 wirrallife.com