Wirral Business News Issue Fourteen - Page 9

The Chamber Interview Jacqui McElhinney

Watch Jacqui's video interview below

Clatterbridge Private Clinic is part of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, which was launched in 2013. It works together to

combine the high levels of consultant-led care and patient choice

with the most advanced knowledge and understanding of cancer

and its forms.

Patients benefit from rapid access to the latest treatments,

therapies and technologies, all delivered in the comfort of a

purpose-built, modern environment.

Iits unique partnership with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

NHS Foundation Trust ensures that a share of the profits

is reinvested back into the NHS to improve cancer

services across the region. After attending a

comprehensive school in nearby Huyton, Jacqui

moved to Sydney, Australia, living there for 14

years and became the Head of Revenue Sydney Ferrie

Ferries. W

Wanting a change in career, Jacqui attended Sydney

University, before returning to the UK for a career

in Health & Social Care. We caught up with the

Clinic Manager Jacqui McElhinney who was happy

to give us a detailed insight into the work of the

clinic and also share a little of her interesting and

varied work history that led her to this current role.