Wirral Business News Issue Fourteen - Page 8


Visitor Economy


The Wirral Visitor Economy Network (WVEN) Forum took place at Tranmere Rovers during January. Introduced by WVEN Chair, Lorna Tyson, the VE forum presented opportunities for Wirral Chamber of Commerce, Wirral Council and other guest speakers to offer insights into the Wirral visitor industry.

Those who attended heard several keynote presentations and an update on 2019 events. These included March - Birkenhead Town Hall coming to life once again as part of the Animated Square, April - Made of Iron

Exhibition looking back on our heritage of

shipbuilding, May - Hull’s Absolutely

Cultured, Wirral and Waltham Forest come

together to create a new outdoor spectacle, in June - Celebrate the Mersey

River Festival, September - The Walker

Cup returns to Royal Liverpool Golf Club

and in November the return of the River

of Light.

Mark Palios, Chairman of Tranmere Rovers,

then highlighted the importance that

sports plays in developing a vibrant

visitor economy. During his presentation,

Mark touched on the role of the international market, pinpointing that Tranmere Rovers has made inroads to Indonesia, Spain and, of course the major links being developed with China.

Concluding the forum, Tranmere Rovers Associate Director, Lee McAteer, talked about developing and believing in success. Lee's career has so far taken him all over the world with initiatives including Wrestling Travel, AmeriCamp. Lee emphasised the use of social media including Twitter and WhatsApp, and to be successful we need to surround ourselves with positivity, and that it is all about delivery not just the strategy – in going the extra mile.

Visitor Economy Forum Highlights Year Ahead