Wirral Business News Issue Fourteen - Page 6


Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Progress Excellence Ltd, have united in launching a new

scheme which will utilise the underspend of

Apprenticeship Levy funding.

6th April 2019 will be the two year anniversary

since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy.

This anniversary will also mark the start of the

Government’s ‘claw back’ of any unspent monies

from April 2017.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Progress to

Excellence Ltd have launched a new scheme which aims to raise levy payers awareness of the

alternative ways that they can choose to spend their levy funds. Which at this time, many

companies do not know about.

Businesses can ‘gift’ up to 10% of their total levy value to support other Wirral organisations in training their teams via apprenticeships. For example, they may choose to work with a charity of their choice, a smaller business in their supply chain or any other Wirral employer that could benefit from a re-investment in training and development via apprenticeships. In leading the way, Wirral will be the first borough nationally to highlight how larger companies can support the growth of smaller enterprises in the local area. Charities for example, as non-levy payers, could benefit by receiving some funding from a larger Wirral based business to help fund a wide range of apprenticeship training. Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of sectors such as leadership and management, business administration and ICT.

Levy payers will be able to decide, as individual organisations, who to ‘gift’ their under spent levy funds to. However, Wirral Chamber of Commerce has undertaken a survey to gauge the requirements of non-levy payers in a bid to understand from local businesses and charities how and where this potential funding boost would make the biggest difference.-



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Award applications and ticket sales will go live on the Wirral Business Awards 2019 website on 8th February