Wiregrass Seniors Magazine February 2019 FEBRUARY ISSUE - Page 9

WiregrassSeniorsMagazine.com your eating pattern on these recommendations: Page 9 * Choose lean meats and poultry without skin and prepare them without added saturated and trans fat. * Select fat-free, 1% fat, and low-fat dairy products. * Cut back on foods containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils to reduce trans fat in your diet. * Cut back on foods high in dietary cholesterol. Aim to eat less than 300 mg of cholesterol each day. * Cut back on beverages and foods with added sugars. * Select and purchase foods lower in salt/sodium. * If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation. That means no more than one drink per day if you're a woman and two a day if you're a man. * Keep an eye on your portion sizes Physical activity in your daily life is an important step to preventing heart disease. You can take a few simple steps at home, at work, and at play to increase the amount of physical activity in your life. Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a "man's disease," it is the leading cause of death for both women and men in the United States, and women account for nearly 50% of heart disease deaths. In 2015, heart disease was the cause of death in 331,145 females. Heart disease is often perceived as an "older woman's disease," and it is the leading cause of death among women aged 65 years and older. How- ever, heart disease is the third leading cause of death among women aged 25–44 years and the second leading cause of death among women aged 45–64 years. Ethel and Earl Ethel went to the emergency room, where she was seen by an old doctor. After a few minutes in the examination room, the doctor told her she was pregnant.. She burst out of the room and ran down the corridor screaming for her husband Earl. Earl stopped her and asked what the problem was; after listening to her story, he calmed her down and sat her in another room. Remember that many cases of heart disease can be prevented! Then, Earl marched down the hallway to the doctor's room. "What the heck's wrong with you?" He demanded. "That woman is 65 years old, she has three grown children and several grandchildren , and you told her she was pregnant?!!!" See your Doctor today and lets make sure we celebrate American Heart month together again next year. The old doctor replied without looking up and said,"Does she still have the hiccups?