Wiregrass Seniors Magazine February 2019 FEBRUARY ISSUE - Page 6

History In Pictures Page 6 WiregrassSeniorsMagazine.com A little bit of Wiregrass history in photographs. Preserving the Past for the Present One Hundred Years in Photographs of Dothan Order your copy “One Hundred Years in Photographs of Dothan, Alabama: Preserving the Past for the Present, a Photographic Collection” by Frank M. Gaines, III Local boys from Dothan with a gator shot at Fritter Springs. They are standing on North Foster St. in Dothan in front of the old Houston Hotel. Photo by Paul Anderson, 1938. Photo provided by: Frank Gaines Photography 334-596-2538 $29.99 Only includes tax Call today 334-596-2538 Ethel and Earl After a boys night out, Earl returned home late and heavily intoxicated. The next day he woke up with a hangover. He could hardly remember how he got home and was scared that his wife Ethel was angry with him. But to his utter amazement he found a couple of asprin and a glass of water beside his bed. Now, he is completely bewildered. He was expecting some trouble after the previous night. He then dis- covered a loving note from Ethel that reads ‘Darling, I had to go grocery shopping. I’ll cook a nice dinner tonight. You’ll find your breakfast in the kitchen’. Now, he was really scared. In the kitchen he found his oldest son who was visiting for the weekend. Earl asked him, “Son, what had happened last night? I was expecting your mother to be angry with me.” His son replied, “Dad, you came really late last night. Then you threw up in the living room. It was a mess then gave yourself a black eye by colliding with the door. Then when mom tried to take you to bed, you shouted- ‘Leave me alone lady, I’m married’.