WIRE NEWS WN February 2018 - Page 6

FocalSpec Announces the Introduction of UULA, a New High-Speed Table-Top 3D Line Confocal Scanner for High-Resolution QC and R&D Surface Imaging and Metrology Applications FocalSpec, Inc., a supplier of 3D line confocal sensors and systems for challenging surface imaging applications, is pleased to introduce their new general-purpose 3D metrology tool for offline and at-line uses, the FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA. UULA is based on FocalSpec’s patented Line Confocal Imaging technology that enables high- speed 3D imaging of surfaces that are difficult or impossible to measure with other currently available methods. With UULA, parts and assemblies having highly reflective, mirror-like, transparent, curved and sloping surfaces can be scanned in seconds at sub-micron resolution. benefit from the high speed and accuracy of this automated, recipe-based tool. Applications include imaging of 3D form and dimensions; surface roughness and texture; etched, embossed and printed 3D features; flatness and thickness; mold parting line flash and burr; dispensed adhesive, polymer and fluid shape and volume; and heat seal integrity. Quality control, failure analysis, and research & development of products containing polymers, metals, glass, composites or other materials greatly “UULA’s unique line confocal method combines the speed of laser sensors with the resolution and tolerance for surface material and angle of 6 WIRE NEWS February 2018