WIRE NEWS WN February 2018 - Page 16

» feature is made possible by Graham Engineering’s proprietary spiral flow diverter head. Available on all of the company’s accumulator head machines, the diverter head also provides continuous internal cleaning during production, eliminating the need to disassemble the head for cleaning and increasing production availability. Modular clamp station for Revolution MVP® rotary wheel blow molder. A key innovation in the Revolution MVP system is that each clamp station is independent of the others, with all forces self-contained within the clamp. Water manifolds through the platens to facilitate quick mold change, and individual clamps can be removed for offline maintenance to reduce downtime. This modularity enables the user to vary the number of clamp stations from 12 to 24 on the same platform and configure the wheel based on the application and bottle height. Welex Evolution® sheet extrusion system, a complete production line for use in sheeting, winding, and in-line thermoforming applications and equipped with XSL Navigator control. While the equipment on display at NPE will be for thin-gauge polypropylene, the Evolution system can be customized for widths from 36 to 90 in. (90 to 230cm), gauges from 0.008 to 0.125in. (0.2to3.2mm), and throughputs up to 10,000 lb./hr. (4,535kg/hr.). Monolayer or co-extrusion systems are available, with up to nine extruders. In addition to a customized roll stand, the Evolution system can also be equipped with screen changers, melt pumps, mixers, feedblocks, and dies. Additional features of the line on display include a proprietary roll- skewing mechanism for thin-gauge applications while maintaining quick roll ɥ)ѵЁչȁձɅձݥѡ)ѕѥɽՍѥ)=ɥ䁑ٕȁɅɥͥ)܁ѕ́ѡѕȁ])͡Ё̰ͥ9٥ѽ ɽ́ɔ)مȁɥ-աͥѕ́Ս)́ѡ͔ȁՉɽ̰ݥɔ)Qɔɔѡɕٕ́չѥa )хՑ̰a ȁȁɔ)Ց́ͥձх́Ʌѥa )ȁѕɅѕɽՍѥ́ݥѠѡՑ)́Ս́ձȰ݅ѕȁѠ)ݥȸЁ9Aఁѡɕɽ́ݥ͡ݸ)хɥ-աՑ̸)ɥ-աU1QIՑ́ݥѠ)ɕ̸=ݥȸԁ̸ԁ)չЁեݥѠa 9٥ѽȁɽ)]ٽѥ)ͥ)Mѕ)Q՝)M()]%I9]LY9QLՅ