PROTON Products Releases Exciting New Innovations at Wire South East Asia 2017 PROTON Products, the leading global provider of precision measurement and control products for the wire and cable industries, will debut its latest product innovations at Wire South East Asia, Bangkok, Thailand 19-21st September on Booth D27. These new products include PROTON’s revolutionary InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series speed and length sensors; these are the smallest, fully featured non-contact laser Doppler speed and length sensors with a footprint comparable to a smart ‘phone. The InteliSENS mini-series sensors are designed to replace inaccurate mechanical speed and length measurement devices with a sensor whose accuracy is better than ±0.05%. PROTON’s superfast InteliSENS DG-k Series Diameter Gauge is the smallest form-factor gauge in the DG-k series and is ideal for insulation and small jacketing processes. The DG-k gauge is an advanced, solid state LED and CCD instrument with no moving parts and a measurement rate of 10,000 times per axis per second for high-speed applications. PROTON’s new InteliTHERM HTG400 handheld wire temperature gauge was recently introduced to the market in the USA. This instrument is suitable for use on all bare wire types and comprises a special bimetallic wheel construction with integrated electronics for precise, responsive measurement performance. It provides high-precision wire temperature measurement of better than ±0.5oC up to 400oC (752oF). Other new enhanced PROTON products currently available include the InteliSENS ST-HF Series Spark Tester for high- frequency testing. This spark tester permits significant increases in line speed and productivity with complete coverage detection of the wire surface. All of PROTON Products instruments are supplied with intelligent, easy-to-integrate capabilities as standard that feature a broad range of embedded process interfaces. This includes Ethernet, RS-232 and WiFi communications with optional PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, Industrial Protocol IP that can be substituted for the Ethernet communications interface. . http://www.protonproducts.com WIRE NEWS EVENTS September 2017 7