a Schleuniger cut and strip machine and can apply marks anywhere along a wire or cable. The machine prints in any font, size, and orientation and can mark any UV laser markable wires, including Kapton, Tefzel, and Teflon insulated wires and cables. Schleuniger will also showcase equipment from Exmore, a worldwide equipment supplier in wire, cable and connection technology. Schleuniger will demonstrate the Wire XL Multi Connection Machine. This high-performance machine with programmable features has been developed for special applications in connection technology. The Wire XL is distinguished by the constant quality of the connection process. Its user-friendliness and modular set-up make this system an excellent production tool. In addition, Exmore’s Un-Twister will also be shown. This semi-automatic un-twisting machine offers high production efficiency in combination with perfect processing quality. It is easy to operate, attractively priced and guarantees accurate performance. Many additional products will be demonstrated, including the CrimpCenter 36 S, MegaStrip 9650, MultiStrip 9480, EcoStrip 9380 and StripCrimp 200 as well as equipment from the UniStrip line of wire stripping machines and CoaxStrip line of coaxial cable stripping machines. . More information can be found at: www.schleuniger-na.com/assemblyshow Should you have any questions, please e-mail: sales@schleuniger.com or call (603) 668-8117. WIRE NEWS EVENTS September 2017 25