The Latest Beta LaserMike In-Process Measurement System Solutions Exhibited at Wire Southeast Asia 2017 The Beta LaserMike product group from NDC Technologies will be exhibiting the latest gauging and control system solutions for cable extrusion lines at the upcoming Wire Southeast Asia exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand (Booth H35). • New UltraScan Pro – the latest wall thickness and “We’ll be demonstrating a live cable extrusion concentricity gauge that also meets Industry 4.0 line measurement and control system with Beta connectivity and includes an expanded feature LaserMike gauges in place measuring diameter set such as faster processing and measurement & ovality, wall thickness and concentricity, capabilities, high-speed tolerance checking, multi- product faults (lump & neckdowns), length & layer measurements, enhanced connectivity via speed and other dimensional properties,” says web server and other advances. Jay Luis, Global Marketing Communications Manager at NDC Technologies. “We want to • Latest AccuScan 6000 Series gauge – the show that by implementing hig 䁅Ʌє)éе̰͕ȵ͍ѕ)՝ѡɥѥ́ѡ)՝ݥѠѡЁم䁅ܵѕѥ)ͥɽ̰ՙɕ́)Ʌ䰁ѕЁ͍Ʌє)ͥѱ䁥ɽٔɽՍЁՅ䰁ɕ͔)ɽՍѥ٥䁅ɕ锁ՙɥͅ٥)ɅѡȁɕЁͽѥ́ɽѡ)ѼՍ͙ձ䁝ɽ܁ѡȁ̻ͥt) ф1͕5ɽՍЁљݥͼ)丁%ѥمɽѠ 1ѐݥ)ɕɕͥɕЁɽՍ́)مѡ ф1͕5Ѡم)䁥Ց)ɽѠ́مՕ9 ѹȁٕɥ ф+$1ѕЁ% ɽɽ́٥Յѥ)1͕5ɕͥɕЁɽ)ɽѕLѼ͕ЁͥѼ)ѕͽѥ́Ѽѽ́Q)ɔѱ́Ѽ͔% ɽٕ)Qɸɔ͔٥ͥЁܹх͕ɵ)́ɕ͔Ёɽ)ɽՍѥɽ͕́ѼɥٔՅ)ՙɥ=ѥ=A U͕ٕȁձ)́᥉Ʌɽ(+$)9܁1͕M Aɼ՝ѡe)хЁѠ՝)ݥѠ̔Ʌ䀡ѡЁѡ)䤁ѥ٥䁍ͥѕ)ݥѠ%и=ٕȀ՝́х)ݽɱݥ(ȁ]%I9]LY9QLMѕȀ