WIRE NEWS WN November 2017 - Page 6

www.vector.net The CCAP Core Simulator allowing the testing of the Remote PHY Device (RPD) for compliance with the Remote PHY Specification is ready to implement. The Cable MSOs will have ability to facilitate the interoperability validation process. As a result, they can achieve full interoperability of any Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) Core, Remote PHY Device (RPD) and Cable Modem (CM) by carrying out tests using the CCAP Core Simulator platform. VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES development will maximize the MSO’s business efficiency and profitability in transforming their cable access networks towards Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). be one of the main objectives in the long term. The purpose of our solution is simple: help the cable MSOs to achieve an interoperable and reliable solution as quickly as possible. This will ensure there is a clear path to evolve their Next Generation Access (NGA) networks and to reduce the investment costs.” The CCS platform emulates the CCAP Core with all logical functions required for appropriate RPD operation, while fully complying with the MHAv2 set of specifications. Due to this software-based solution, Over the last few months VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES the CCS will in the future enable fast adaptation to the Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1® technology and has participated in the OpenRPD initiative and Remote PHY interoperability events at CableLabs. any changes implemented in the MHAv2 set of To take full advantage of the laboratory environment, specifications. Communication based on 10GE symmetrical streaming will revolutionize HFC VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES developed its own networks in terms of quality provisioning services. software based validation platform - CCAP Core Simulator (CCS). “Working closely with multiple Useful phrases vendors in the laboratory environment and gathering their feedback is essential for future Remote PHY CCS - CCAP Core Simulator development,” said Maciej Muzalewski, CTO of CCAP - Converged Cable Access Platform DAA – Distributed Access Architecture VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES. “At this stage the CCS RPD - Remote PHY Device will facilitate and improve the validation of RPD ATP program - Acceptance Test Plan program compliancy with the standards. In the next few years MSO - Multiple System W&F 42v&RFWrVG&VG2b446&W2@tWBvVW&F66W70FW6G2l*%G2FV"WGv&FW&Vf&RFPD542( 2FFfW"6&R6W'f6RFW&f6R7V6f6FԄc"( 2GV"VFVB&6FV7GW&RfW'6 FW&W&&ƗG&WGvVVVFRfVF'26V@tR( 2vv&BWFW&W@d2WGv&( 2'&Bf'&R6WGv&bt$RUu2fV&W"#p