WIRE NEWS WN November 2017 - Page 4

Ridgway Machines Innovative New High Speed Taping Line Ridgway Machines have manufactured a new compact high speed taping machine that can precisely apply up to two individual tapes per head onto small round or rectangle wires. The state of the art modular design also means it can be built to different specifications such as 1, 2 or 3 bay. Twin servo motor technology ensures the fast and accurate application of the applied tapes. The taping head is designed to accommodate both flat and cross wound tape pads to suit the required application. The HTM-Configurations can be used to apply a variety of materials including but not limited to PTFE, Mica, Paper, Nomex®, Polyester, Aluminium/Mylar and Kapton®. About Ridgway Machines: We are the leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries, with over 90 years engineering experience. Ridgway machines are widely used for manufacturing electrical coils, cable and conductors. They are also used to manufacture Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for oil and gas pipelines. From innovative flexible designs to worldwide customer support, we provide expert solutions developed from a close understanding of our customer’s individual needs. . sales@ridgwayeng.com www.ridgwayeng.com +44(0) 116 289 9199 4 WIRE NEWS November 2017