WIRE NEWS WN November 2017 - Page 14

Quality Inspection on Wire Lines Contrôle Mesure Systèmes will exhibit at Iran Wire 2017 in Tehran, from 6 to 9 December on Stand A6B2. Specialist for nearly 30 years in nondestructive testing methods, we will take this opportunity to present our large range of NDT equipments, especially for wire inspection, on or off line, in ferrous or nonferrous metal. Illustrations below show 2 examples of wire inspection installed: • eddy current rotating head, RotoETscan HV, suitable for line drawing inspection for a diameter range of 0,8 to 10 mm. \\[KX\H[[ۈHX[ۈ[K[Yܘ]\˜H\XH \]JHY\YHXX[Y]\YH\[ؙ\ ܈ H[[Y[YHH\]K]H]YYY N JH\[H\K[HHX[]H[H][XY Hޞ\[YHH\[K[\H\[\[قH\H\[[X[ۋۛXY\Pš[[Y[]X\\]]Xۙ]Y[[YXL3HۈHX ][[BX[Y]\T\]Z\Y[X\XYۙ]^[܈[XYۙ]^[[]܈B\]HX[X[ۋ(HYH\[\[H܈[[Z[][H\B[X[ۈ[[]X[ۈوYXX\˜ܘX\)]YYY ML L KZ[܈^[\H\[[وHX[Y]\[Hš[X KH\H\ZYY[\\Y[YH\[\[H\YHH\ܝ[[[Y[H\ܝXH]ZYH\˜\\[H[[HوHX HXX[[\[[ ]Y[H\ܝ [H]X[ۈوܘX]H\XHوBX YH\[\[\\ܛYYB][Z][H[[Y[X[[[ˈ[HYX܈[[\[ۈ\]XY H\[BX]]\H[H]ۋX\\\X[[\K]܈YH\]]ˈ[[\[[YۈH[H[X\H][ۈٰYX[B\Z^Y\ܝ MTHUUSݙ[X\ M‘[XZ[0۝X\\Y\[BX]p˘\Y\[