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straightforward communications to instrumentation platforms with the ability to deliver large volumes of data for maintenance diagnostics, plus process analysis, reporting and archiving on plantwide information platforms. The InteliSENS mini Series form factor is 140mmL x 105mmW and 50mmH, weighing just 1.1kg. This makes it the most compact, lightest speed and length sensor currently available, one that can be easily installed in tight process locations. It also includes a unique integrated display for immediate on-line visual reference. A comprehensive range of integrated process interfaces are available for measurement and control purposes. Three programmable 24Vdc digital inputs are available for length, speed, direction and pause functions. Two programmable 30Vdc, 100mA (max) digital outputs can be configured for measurement and preset length outputs (to a downstream cutter for example) with opto-isolated relays. Two pulse outputs are available, plus a freely programmable quadrature output with a pulse rate up to 100mHz. There are also laser safety inputs and shutter status outputs (30Vdc/100mA max) to opto-isolated relays for alarming purposes. This state-of the art InteliSENS mini Series provides the complete high-spec. solution for non-contact laser Doppler speed and length measurement. Its solid-state design ensures high-reliability without calibration drift and significantly reduced maintenance compared to contacting encoders. The comprehensive specifications, high-reliability and competitive price point combine together to make the InteliSENS mini-series a market leader, validated by thousands that are in continuous operation on many applications worldwide. . For more information about PROTON Products visit: http://www.protonproducts.com/products/sl-series/ sl-mini-series/ Cable Tapes UK are Delighted to Announce the Launch of Their New Website Cable Tapes UK Ltd, market leading supplier of mica tapes to the cable industry, is excited to announce news of the launch of their new website www.cabletapesuk.com. The newly revamped website is not only dynamic in design and content, but it offers Cable Tapes UK Ltd’s customers a straightforward format and benefits from user friendly navigation. Cable Tapes UK Ltd is a home-grown success story, with their company going from strength to strength. Their state of the art website reflects their modern approach to business, designed as it is with its innovative new look. “We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for customers, investors, partners and media to better understand Cable Tapes UK’s growing portfolio,” said Martin Van Der Zwan. “We believe that this new site will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.” Cable Tapes UK now has the largest and most modern in stalled sub-contract taping capacity in the UK and continues to lead the market with their products. . Cable tapes UK Ltd, your single source for all cable lapping tapes and twines. WIRE NEWS January 2018 9