WIRE NEWS WN January 2018 - Page 8

PROTON PRODUCTS InteliSENS mini Series: Hi-Spec, Non-Contact Speed & Length Measurement PROTON PRODUCTS, the global leader for non-contact laser Doppler speed and length sensors, sets new standards for hi-spec measurement performance. PROTON PRODUCT’s InteliSENS mini Series non-contact laser Doppler speed and length sensors deliver the highest product performance currently available, based on technical specifications, design, intelligence and process interfacing. The InteliSENS mini Series combine the best of the best, avoiding compromises or trade-offs for any given application. PROTON’s intelligent laser Doppler non-contact speed and length sensor replaces contacting encoders that encounter slippage, wear and marking. This highly-accurate speed and length measurement helps prevent product give-away or short-length delivery, which translates into considerable financial benefits across a wide range of applications. The InteliSENS SL and SLR mini Series provide both unidirectional and bidirectional speed measurement up to 5000m/min with the latter being able to 8 WIRE NEWS January 2018 measure from a standstill. With a measurement repeatability of ±0.02% and an accuracy of better than ±0.05%, it assures correct final product length delivery to the customer. This contrasts with contacting encoders are often no better that ±2.0% accurate due to slippage, contact wheel dirt accumulation and electronic drift. In situations where the product acceleration exceeds 1000m/min, the InteliSENS mini’s measurement update rate of 200kHz makes it the fastest on the market, capable of delivering accurate, high- resolution measurement under rapidly changing process conditions. The InteliSENS mini’s embedded communications library is without equal. Standard protocols include RS232, Ethernet TCP/IP and CANbus with PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Ethernet / IP and WIFI as options. This capability produces