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» Preventative maintenance All machinery, including crimp applicators, should have a detailed preventive maintenance plan outlining service intervals and required steps. The plan should be well documented and key personnel should be thoroughly trained to ensure it is properly carried out. Sometimes applicators must be taken out of use and stored for a long time. Prior to long term storage, make sure the applicator is well cleaned, lubricated and wrapped in plastic to prevent rust. This will ensure that it will be in good condition if it is needed again in the future. Training A thorough training program can save costs and increase efficiency. Operators and technicians should be trained on crimp quality indicators and other indicators surrounding basic applicator operation such as setup and handling. They should also be trained on cleaning and the preventative maintenance procedure. Catching defects or seeing To prevent premature wear, take extra precaution by inspecting and properly installing the tooling when necessary indicators early will minimize scrap and perhaps tooling damage and thereby minimize tooling costs. Properly maintained applicators will not only save unwanted downtime and headaches, but they will also ensure better crimp quality. Hopefully these recommendations will help keep your applicators functioning at peak performance for years to come. . By: Rob Boyd, Sr. Product Manager, Schleuniger Inc. Metalube Appoint Senior Development Chemist World leading lubricant manufacturer, Metalube Ltd has appointed John Mainwaring as a Senior Development Chemist.  He will join the laboratory team at the company’s headquarters in Irlam, Manchester UK. John has a degree in Chemical Science from Manchester Metropolitan University and as part of his new role will be responsible for the management and development of Metalube’s chain oils and greases.   He joins the company from Millers Oils in Huddersfield where his expertise included automotive engine and transmission oils as well as industrial products such as MWF, rust preventatives, gear oils, chain oils and hydraulic oils.  Prior to Millers, John Isabel and is a keen supporter of Manchester City.  worked for nine years at Ironsides Lubricants in He also enjoys DIY and travel. Stockport. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, METALUBE Chris Nettleship. Technical Director says:  “We are manufactures a range of non-ferrous drawing oils, delighted to welcome John to our team of chemists at maintenance lubricants, greases and chain oils as Metalube.  His wealth of experience allows him to hit well as a variety of corrosion protection and forming the ground running and he will be tremendous asset oils.  This experienced exporter has offices in Brazil, to the Lab.” John is married with a 3 year old daughter China, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. . 6 WIRE NEWS January 2018