WIPP's myContracting Magazine January 2015 - Page 7


I went back to some of the federal agencies that I used to temp for and let them know that I had started my own business and they were very eager to assist me in getting a contract. My very first federal contract was a sole source, and I had not been in business for a year at that time. It was just the connections that I had made while working as a temporary employee at so many federal agencies. I met with every Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization director there was at the time back in 1996. From there it’s just history.

What does the government buy that you sell?

The federal government has really cut back on the employees they hire. There has been so many hiring freezes at the various agencies. This is good for me because I sell staff augmentation services. We assist the federal government in reducing their costs by providing them with skilled talent. This saves them time with hiring and also with the benefits that it costs to hire an employee. Just about every government agency has contractor doing the work that federal employees used to do previously. This is a benefit to the governemnt.

What are the top NAICS codes in which you do business?

My top NAICS codes are 561320, 561210, 561110.

Tell us about a recent "win."

I recently won a five year BPA with the Peace Corps to provide acquisition support services to their various offices. I also just won a long term contract to become one of the Preferred Staffing Agencies to Lockheed Martin’s Managed Service Providers providing them with adminstrative support staffing.

Do you serve as a prime or subcontractor and what strengths do you bring to each area?

I have always served as a prime contractor since I've been in business. I have not had the opportunity to serve as a subcontractor. The strenghs that I bring as a prime contractor is my years of federal goverment experience. I know what language to look for when putting teaming arrangement together. I have worked hard in putting the tools needed for success. I could assist and guide a subcontractor on a path to accomplish their goals of future subcontracting undertakings.

What competencies do you believe are critical to your success?

I have a very positive self- image and I believe in myself. I believe in my abilities, I believe in my dreams and I believe in a power greater than myself. I pursue my passion which is helping people on their career path. I'm a hard worker. I set goals because this allows me to focus my energy. I also put a plan together to achieve my goals on a yearly basis. I put together a strategy of things and activities I need to do each day to move me in the direction of my goals. When I get discouraged because of some delays, I don't see them as denials. I go back and regroup and get some fresh thinking. I continue to stretch and push myself. I'm always reaching farther.

We have always “private labeled” for other large organizations, becoming their fast track service development and deployment team under their brand name. Because we have a depth of experience in providing services on behalf of our large partner companies, we understand how to support and add value to large primes and others looking for an experienced, low risk sub-contractor.