WIPP's myContracting Magazine January 2015 - Page 6




My story is quite unique, because I went from working as a temp to owning my own temp agency. I was working for a small business that lost its government contract with a federal government agency. I found myself unhappy with my situation and didn’t know where I wanted to go next in my career. I needed a job fast because it was right around the holiday season. My heart was starving for fulfillment and satisfaction. I was bankrupt in my mind. I had to dare to embrace change.

I had a friend who was working for a temporary agency in Washington, DC. She suggested that I work on a temporary basis while I was looking for a permanent job. The idea never even crossed my mind because I had never heard of working for a temporary agency. I worked for a couple of agencies and made friends at these various work sites. One Friday evening while going to pick-up my check, I was divinely inspired to start my own temporary agency. I knew I enjoyed helping people with their career path, so I decided to start my own staffing agency. I had to then change my mind from being an employee to becoming an employer. I had no industry experience, so I had to challenge myself to learn the staffing industry and this is how I jumpstarted my business. I went to the Small Business Administration, which I suggest is the first place to start. I met with SCORE representatives and they advised me on how to get started in doing business with the federal government.

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Vanessa Ali, President

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