WIPP's myContracting Magazine January 2015 - Page 37

Pat Meagher's Tip:

"Government contracts and subcontracts contain complex terms and conditions. Get educated on what terms may be negotiated and what terms are required by law or regulation. Your contract imposes obligations but also gives you rights. Read it and ask questions if you don't understand. "

Lynn Sutton's Tip:

"For Kairos, FOCUS has been one key element to success in the federal market.  Select the 1 or 2 agencies that are the best fit for your business and focus your sales and marketing efforts there. This will allow you to gain more depth in the knowledge of your customer, and gaining business there will help you build solid past performance, creating a portfolio of knowledge and relevant, customer-specific experience that builds the strongest case for continuous business across that agency.  

This will also give you competitive advantage over those who are not so focused and knowledgable about your customer.  This selective focus also allows you to build stronger relationships across the agency's procurement teams - giving your company the Trifecta Advantage - agency knowledge, experience & relationship.  "

Patricia Meagher

Partner, Rogers, Joseph, O'Donnell

Karen Lawrence's Tip:

"Always read through the RFP several times to understand the requirements and details.   Highlight key information, take notes and jot down your questions.   When responding, make sure you address each request/approach outlined in the S.O.W.   Make sure your response is outlined and numbered in the technical order listed in the RFP."


Lynn Sutton

Managing Principal, Kairos Consluting

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Karen Lawrence

Principle & CEO, It's My Affair

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