WIPP's myContracting Magazine January 2015 - Page 22

We are always happy to post WOSB opportunities and look forward to hearing from you when connections are made.

If you find an opportunity that only partially fits your business, let us know at procurement@wipp.org what is needed to complete the requirements, and then we will put the request on a broadcast to the ever-growing Procurement Committee.

Sources Sought

Sources Sought is a very important process toward the success of the WOSB program. It tells the government there are enough women business owners willing and capable of executing the contract as a set-aside. Take a look at this week’s opportunities to convert contracts that are open to all small businesses, to contracts available only to WOSBs and EDWOSBs. These are opportunities to collaborate with another WOSB/EDWOSBs under the Rule of 2. So, please consider teaming with other WOSBs to convert an opportunity.


(Within the WOSB/EDWOSB NAICS codes, but not yet set aside)


(Solicitations for WOSB set-asides)

Bidders WanteD Bulletin

Have you found a solicitation or pre-solicitation that is not set-aside for WOSBs, but you would like it to be? Are you looking for teaming partners to help your bid on a contract? Send it to us at procurement@wipp.org and we will post it to the Opportunity Watch.

WOSB Opportunity Watch