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The SBA’s summary specifically requests comments on whether or not the agency should adjust employee based size standards based upon changes in labor productivity or other technical changes in how work is performed.

WIPP Takes Lead in Federal Strategic Sourcing Reforms

Background: Many agencies are using “Federal Strategic Sourcing” reforms in an effort to cut costs on federal procurements. WIPP is greatly concerned about the impact on women-owned businesses and helped form a coalition to advocate on this front.

WIPP has joined with other national small business groups and trade associations to form the Coalition for Common Sense Contracting. The coalition was formed to address growing concerns over “Federal Strategic Sourcing” and other procurement reforms limiting opportunities for small businesses. These include fewer opportunities and limited use of small businesses. The Coalition will be participating in a roundtable on Federal Strategic Sourcing on July 17th, 2014 to voice these concerns.

Readers with similar concerns are encouraged to contact John Stanford to find out how they can join the coalition.

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As you review the rule and consider commenting, key questions are:

1. Will this rule have a direct impact on your business?

2. Does the rule change your obligations as a contractor or sub-contractor? If so, is it increasing the resources needed to work with the federal government?

3. Do the subcontracting percentages seem appropriate for your industry? Certain industries have specific percentages.

4. Should there be different rules for companies selling goods versus services?

For more information, visit the Proposed Regulation. Comments are due by February 27th, 2015. WIPP will be responding to the proposed regulation. To incorporate member views, please send responses or comments to WIPP no later than February 24th.