WIPP's myContracting Magazine January 2015 - Page 19

3. Selection for the Inc. Magazine 500/5000 Military Entrepreneur Program.

In conjunction with its annual Inc. 500/5000 awards program, Inc. Magazine sponsors the Military Entrepreneur Program, which is a resource for veterans, service members and military spouses who are starting or running their own businesses. Activities include mentoring, growth training, and we were selected to participate as a Special Delegate in the annual Inc. 500/5000 conference, allowing VIP and front-row seating at all conference events and the ability to interact with nationally known business experts.

4. Selection as a member of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP).

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) sponsors and funds the MSEP, which is focused on increasing opportunities for employment for military spouses by ensuring corporate partners are aware of and have access to an enormous pool of skilled, qualified and often under-employed resources, and by helping prepare candidates to become competitive applicants. As a partner, we are taking advantage of the broad reach to recruit and source candidates for open positions.

5. Completion of the WIPP Federal Contracting Certificate Program.

We were honored to be selected to be among the first companies to complete the WIPP Federal Contracting Certificate Program, which provides an educational pathway for women entrepreneurs to acquire credentials, skills and experience, a greater understanding of procurement policy, formal recognition in the federal marketplace and the ability to compete in government contracting.” Being listed as in the WIPP directory as a fully certified WOSB has gained us credibility and exposure within the Federal Contracting community.

In addition to the tools, training and resources that each of these programs provided, all of them resulted in the development of new relationships with potential clients, partners (and competitors) and all sponsor alumni communities of interest that will extend far beyond the program end. Federal Contracting is complex and time consuming, and having access to tools, people and organizations that can help navigate is a recipe for success.


Lee Platt has had over 30 years’ experience as a contractor supporting Federal Government programs. Lee received her BS Degree from Bryant University and her MS from University of Southern California. After serving in

the US Army as a Russian Linguist, Lee continued to support Command, Control and Intelligence (C3) Programs and gained experience in business

development and capture management. She is currently the CEO and majority owner of Avening Management and Technical Services, LLC, a veteran-woman-owned small business that delivers highly qualified technical subject matter expertise to clients in the Department of Defense.

"Support contractors must constantly maintain a delicate balance between cost, client satisfaction, company culture, employee compensation and service delivery."