WIPP's myContracting Magazine January 2015 - Page 15

Is your past performance descriptions current to include contracts just won? Has your CCR and websites on a monthly or weekly basis? Strong proposal management is one process that can truly separate the women from the girls in competition.

Once you have found and competitively won the opportunity you have one more final step toward completing your 360° Branding Plan. You must now manage your contracts with three critical factors that will launch you into enhancing your brand for future competition. They are compliance, profitability and relationships. These three elements when perfectly executed are the launch pad for growth and sustainability for your company’s future. When you can show a strong knowledge of compliance in a highly regulated world you are a brand that both the government and large primes will look favorably upon. When you are able to track and win contracts and know how to manage them to maintain strong profitability you will be able to find and attract stronger players to help grow your company. When you are branded as a person that builds strong relationships with customers, strategic partners you will rise as a leader in your industry.

I have developed the 360° Branding Plan because when you have tracked, won and completed projects you now have come full circle in being able repeat the process many times in the future scaling up each time as you move forward. Using technology can allow many companies to scale up and expand their brand.

Take a moment- right now- and begin taking actions in those areas where you can pull together your leadership team, even if that is you looking in the mirror, and come up with three steps that you can take today to move your plan for the future forward.


Doña Storey is a WIPP National Partner appointed to the SBA’s Regulatory Fairness Board serving her second term. She is an award winning entrepreneur in both the federal and commercial marketplaces. Doña has plays a role in impacting public policy and

is an author, popular speaker and moderator. As a subject matter expert on federal and corporate procurement her current business GOVtips provides insight to those who want to scale up their business.

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