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History Heroes of Hamel Stephen Dando-Collins The Death of Democracy Benjamin Carter Hett Carpathia Jay Ludowyke PB $34.99 The battle of Hamel was remarkable for its speed, the tactics employed, numerous acts of extreme bravery, and for being the first time American troops fought under Australian command. Heroes of Hamel explores the preparations and ramifications for this blitzkreig and the parts played by General John Monash, Private Henry Dalziel, Lance Corporal Jack Axford, Sergeant Ned Searle, Colonel Joseph B. Sanborn and Corporal Thomas Pope. PB $35.00 Drawing on individual stories to illustrate its broader arguments, The Death of Democracy examines the reasons for the fall of one of the most progressive governments in twentieth-century Europe, and the rise of the most terrifying. The Death of Democracy is an authoritative and panoramic new survey of one of the most pivotal periods in modern history, and a book with a clear and important message for the world today. PB $32.99 15 April 1912. The Carpathia receives a distress call from the Titanic. Captain Arthur Rostron turns Carpathia and sails full speed through the night. Almost a century later, Carpathia’s wreck has been located. She’s over 500 feet down, and among the few divers who can reach this depth is Ric Waring’s team, who are determined to be the first to reach the wreck. In this intensively researched book, we follow the captivating narratives of Rostron and Waring. Pandemic 1918 Catharine Arnold France John Julius Norwich On Grand Strategy John Lewis Gaddis PB $24.99 There was no escape from the common enemy of ‘Spanish Flu’: in Britain, 250,000 people died. In the United States it was 750,000, while European deaths reached over two million. Yet at the time, news of the danger was suppressed. Behind the numbers are human lives, stories of those who fought it in the hospitals and laboratories. Catharine Arnold traces the course of the disease, its origins and progress, via these remarkable people. HB $45.00 From frowning Roman generals and belligerent Gallic chieftains, to Charlemagne through Marie Antoinette and the storming of the Bastille to Vichy, the Resistance and beyond, France is packed with heroes and villains, adventures and battles, romance and revolution. Full of memorable stories and racy anecdotes, this is the perfect introduction to the country that has inspired the rest of the world to live, dress, eat – and love better. HB $55.00 For years, a select group of students at Yale University has been admitted into the year-long ‘Grand Strategy’ seminar taught by John Lewis Gaddis and Paul Kennedy. The seminar provides these students with a grounding in decision-making in the face of crisis. On Grand Strategy is the distillation of that course, and in it Gaddis takes the reader from the commanding heights of statesmanship across the landscape of world history.