Winter Catalogue 2018 HOC Winter Catalogue 2018 - Page 22

Children’s Fiction The Best Medicine Christine Hamill The Mulberry Tree Allison Rushby Bad Nana: Older not Wiser Sophy Henn PB $16.99 Things aren’t going well for Philip Wright. It’s not just the detentions or the girl problems that are getting him down. His best friend is acting weird, his mum has stopped laughing at his jokes, and his teacher thinks Philip is... a poet. When Mum gives him some seriously bad news, Philip looks to his comedy hero for an answer. But what if it’s impossible to joke his way out of this? The Best Medicine is a reminder that laughter is the ultimate remedy. PB $17.99 Ten-year-old Immy and her family run away from their problems to a village in England. When they find a thatched cottage to begin a new life in, the only downside is the fierce-looking mulberry tree in the back garden. And the legend that comes with it – the villagers say the tree steals away girls living in the cottage on the eve of their eleventh birthday. Immy thinks this is ridiculous. Then she starts to hear a strange song in her head . . . HB $17.99 Jeanie’s Grandma is BAD. Not bad like a vampire or a gangster or anything, more like . . . up to no good. Sometimes she can be a bit embarrassing but most of the time she’s REALLY fun, especially when she gets Jeanie involved in her mischievous schemes. Everyone says she’s old enough to know better . . . but she doesn’t seem to care one bit. In fact, Jeanie thinks she might quite like it! Agatha Oddly: The Secret Key Lena Jones Bob Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead The Orchard Underground Mat Larkin PB $14.99 Agatha has been a detective for as long as she can remember – she’s just been waiting for her first big case. W