Winter Catalogue 2018 HOC Winter Catalogue 2018 - Page 21

Picture Books Cicada Shaun Tan HB $26.99 Cicada works in an office, dutifully toiling day after day for unappreciative bosses and being bullied by his coworkers. But one day, Cicada goes to the roof of the building, and something truly extraordinary happens . . . A story for anyone who has ever felt unappreciated, overlooked or overworked, from Australia’s most acclaimed picture book creator. If I Was Prime Minister Beck Feiner & Robin Feiner HB $24.99 The Prime Minister’s job is to make our country as good as it can be. But every Prime Minister Australia has ever had has been a grown-up! What if the grown-ups weren’t in charge? What would kids do if they ran the country? We could have submarines to scoop garbage out of the sea, or teach koalas how to do karate, and hang giant rainbows in the sky to make everyone happy. What would YOU do if you were Prime Minster? The Singing Seal Merv Lamington, illustrated by Allison Langton HB $14.99 Meet Florence, a flamboyant fur seal who lives on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. Unlike the other seals, Florence has plans. Big plans. She’s going to be a world-famous singer. But does Florence have what it takes to become a real SEALPRANO? Based on a true story, The Singing Seal is for anyone who has ever felt small but dreamt BIG! The Last Peach Gus Gordon HB $24.99 From internationally award-winning picture book creator Gus Gordon comes this delightful story about friendship and sharing. One fine summer’s day two bugs discover the most beautiful peach of the season and are faced with a dilemma . . . Who should eat it? Sebastian and the Special Stack of Stories Kelly Hibbert, illustrated by Sue deGennaro Red House, Blue House, Green House, Treehouse! Jane Godwin, illustrated by Jane Reiseger HB $24.99 Story time is always special, but even more so when Mum is reading the stack of stories that Sebastian has collected. Where can you find the best spot to hear a story when you’re the smallest and the slowest one in a big family? Sebastian knows. From talented newcomer Kelly Hibbert and award- winning illustrator Sue deGennaro comes a book that celebrates the joy of reading and family. HB $24.99 From a dynamic author-illustrator team comes this fresh, fun and rhythmic exploration of colour. Bold and bright, it’s the perfect book for reading aloud and sharing with young children as they learn to identify the colours of their world.